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What garden climbing stuff for 10yo

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peanutbutterismydownfall · 14/07/2019 21:34

DD is a very active 10yo who loves climbing and is constantly on the move. If she could live in a wood and constantly be up trees, she would. As it is, we live in surburbia and our only tree is a 3yo apple tree which is shorter than I am.
We have a 14ft trampoline which gets a lot of use. We've never had a climbing frame as I didn't think we had the space but I'm beginning to think perhaps I need to lose some flower beds and get something for DD. But what? All climbing frames seem to be advertised as 3+ with a few being 6+. I'm thinking monkey bars, climbing rope/net and a gym bar she can do somersaults over at the very least.
Also, can I put climbing wall studs just on our external house walls (brick build)? Or would that destroy the house?

OP posts:
reefedsail · 15/07/2019 06:23

At 10 I think I'd look at garden gym equipment rather than kids' play stuff.

Xorbars make some good stuff but it's ££££. You could just get a high bar and then attachments (rings, rope, t-bar etc) so she could do different things on it.

Soontobe60 · 15/07/2019 06:27

Please tell me your garden is big enough for all this stuff without it annoying your neighbours?
At 10, just take her to th park 🤣🤣

StoorieHoose · 15/07/2019 06:30

What Soontobe60 said. Is there a climbing wall close to you?

reefedsail · 15/07/2019 06:36

At 10 she could go to the park by herself, so I'm assuming OP doesn't have one near enough for DD to walk/ cycle there.

TakeOneForTheBreem · 15/07/2019 06:37

I would definitely look at climbing walls or climbing holds for the side of the house, but definitely get it done professionally so you wreck neither house nor daughter.

It's something that will last her into her teens and into adulthood.

As others suggested, getting into climbing would be a great hobby to do together if there are centres/hills near you.

So many girls start dropping out of physical activity at this age, so do anything to encourage her.

gigglingHyena · 15/07/2019 15:18

At that age I doubt ther is much that will fit in a domestic garden that would be much of a challenge. We have a tp frame, with monkey bars and a scrabling net. It's been great but my youngest is now 12, and to tall really for the monkey bars. While we haven't got rid of it just yet as it does still get him outdoors, it doesn't see much use really.

For the last couple of years both have spent a lot of time with circus skills type stuff. Juggling balls , diablo, poi. All self taught by watching you tube videos.

My eldest has enjoyed using a slack line, they look fiary easy to set up with appropriate ground anchors.

Teddybear45 · 15/07/2019 15:25

At 10 there isn’t much you could install in the garden that he’d get much use out of. Most of the climbing frames / treehouses can only be used for kids up to the size of an average 12 yo. Suggest you get him involved with a rockclimbing centre if you have one locally.

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