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Help don’t know what to do!

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Chloe127 · 14/07/2019 20:40

Hi guys I need some advice or maybe just a rant but I’m really struggling!
I have a five month old son and I’m living with my boyfriend also but our relationship has just gone down the drain. We are constantly arguing and it just never seems to stop! Whenever we argue he always packs a bag and says he’s leaving but then comes back later on. I think it’s all a show and to make me upset. He dosent work and neither do I but completely struggling for money but I’m refusing to go back to work until he does and he had the cheek to tell me that he will stay at home with our son while I go out and work if money is bothering me that bad. Every single morning I’m waking up with our son getting him ready with bottle breakfast and change while he just lies in bed and wakes up in his own time and on the odd moon does the same for me but it’s very rare and he wonders why I get annoyed! I do all the housework and whenever I ask him to do something he causes a fuss and moans! It can be as simple as me asking to close the curtains in our sons room because he’s in my arms fast asleep for his response to be it’s alright or he dosent ask me to help him when he’s got Archie! I just feel stuck and whenever I talk to him about it it turns into an argument! Someone please help and give me some advice on what to do! I love him to bits but just struggling so much to the point where I’m starting to hate him, I don’t want to feel like this anymore!

OP posts:
Singlenotsingle · 14/07/2019 20:44

So he's lazy, argumentative, uncaring and unhelpful. Is this ever likely to change? Next time he packs his bags and leaves, tell him to NOT COME BACK!

AdaColeman · 15/07/2019 11:26

Don't wait for him to pack a bag, pack it for him and kick him out now.

How he is now, is the very best he will ever be. Do you want to live the rest of your life with this lazy, argumentative no hoper?

No, of course you don't! So take some action, and start to make a better life for yourself and your child.

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