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So f@#king stupid! Unprotected sex! What are my options?

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ScrambledToe · 14/07/2019 14:00

Hey, so I am a supposedly sensible mid 30’s wife with 2 primary aged children, my dh is also supposedly sensible and in his mid 40s.

So not entirely sure why we thought having unprotected sex this morning, on day 14 of my period was a good fucking idea!

Can you please help? What are my options? Considering I have likely already ovulated in the last 2/3 days or imminently due to.

I have ordered some ellaone which I can’t collect until tomorrow morning.

I also have an appointment at the local GUM set for Wednesday. This was booked a couple of weeks ago as I have been totally fed up of being on the pill. I came off the pill at my last break/period 2 weeks ago with the intention of no sex and then have an implant put in on Weds.

I think Imm going to have to have the copper coil put in instead aren’t I?

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QueenOfIce · 14/07/2019 14:03

Take the morning after pill before your 72 hours is up and use protection next time.

ScrambledToe · 14/07/2019 14:04

I’m worried that because I have likely already ovulated that the MAP won’t work 🤔

OP posts:
JuniperNarni · 14/07/2019 14:09

You are correct there is a chance MAP won't work in the middle of your cycle (happened to me once, it was a horrible situation). I think coil instead of implant would be a sensible choice but i'm sure gum clinic can advice you more.

ScrambledToe · 14/07/2019 14:12

Thanks @JuniperNarni

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Mumof1andacat · 14/07/2019 14:19

I would just take it. It might work...

womaninthedark · 14/07/2019 14:23

not entirely sure why we thought having unprotected sex this morning, on day 14 of my period was a good fucking idea
Hormones. Nature.

ScrambledToe · 14/07/2019 14:25

I would go with that @womaninthedark. And the fact that I now won’t see him for 3 weeks Blush

OP posts:
Givemestrengthorgin · 14/07/2019 14:29

This happened to me last year and I had to make an emergency appt at my local gum clinic and get the copper coil put in. It wasn't until then that I didn't realise the map doesn't work if you have already ovulated.
I can't say I've been very happy with the copper coil since having it put in but it was my only option.

ScrambledToe · 14/07/2019 14:41

Thanks @Givemestrengthorgin I did initalially want the copper coil last yr but after 3 attempts by my incompetent gp at getting the thing in I gave up!
I liked the idea of it because at 35 I thought none hormonal option might be best.

But since the ordeal of her trying to het it in I have changed my mind to the implant as didn’t really want to be messed around down there again!

But if it’s between them messing about down there and a baby! I’d choose the former!

What issues have you had?

OP posts:
Givemestrengthorgin · 14/07/2019 23:16

The doctor who did mine at the gum clinic said that she had about another 8 to do that day! I think they do it a lot more frequently than gp's so hopefully will have inserting it down to a fine art!

Issues have been much heavier period that come sooner and last longer. It's a pain. I'm giving it a few more months until I've had it in for a year then I'll decide if it's coming out or not.

ScrambledToe · 15/07/2019 07:08

Thanks @Givemestrengthorgin
Yeah, I’m counting on them being more efficient!

OP posts:
Melinda76 · 15/07/2019 07:20

I have the copper coil put in after a similar experience. I had it put in by the gum clinic with no pain whatsoever. They spend all day doing such procedures and it was done in under 5 mins. Periods are heavier and longer but after 3 years I'm used to it now and the protection is definitely worth it.

Doubleraspberry · 15/07/2019 07:24

I’ve got a copper coil. It was put in by a doctor who did a lot of them, and took seconds. I was advised to take a paracetamol beforehand and the actual insertion was like a mild contraction. My periods are pain free and no heavier than before, possibly lighter.

fedupandlookingforchange · 15/07/2019 07:27

The other MAP is more effective after ovulation as they think it alters the lining of the womb. I was recently in the same position and took levonorgestrel MAP and thankfully it worked. It’s easy to get from the chemist.

CherryPavlova · 15/07/2019 07:32

Get MAP from a pharmacy.

ScrambledToe · 15/07/2019 09:46

Thanks, just in the pharmacy waiting for prescription. Will explain my predicament on weds at the GUM and hope they put a copper coil in.

I’m on day 15 now and bet I’ve already ovulated so don’t think it will work Confused

OP posts:
Imstickingwiththisone · 15/07/2019 09:55

If you were originally after a copper coil then this might work out the best. Gum clinic will get it in no problem.

The copper coil isn't for everyone but neither is the implant. I've found it alright though, my periods are longer by a couple of days and the bleeding is heavier for about 1-2 days but otherwise I'm pleased to be hormone free and enjoy the effects my natural hormones have! Ie the reason why you had unprotected sex at ovulation 😂

I tried the implant and I used to pretend to be asleep to avoid sex it was a total libido killer.

ScrambledToe · 15/07/2019 10:15

That’s my worry @Imstickingwiththisone I would prefer non hormonal 😀

Well the pharmacist has refused to give it to me for his own ethical reasons, but managed to find another pharmacy in town who do NHS prescriptions so just taken it!

My local GUM also do walk ins today so will give them a call when they open in an hour

OP posts:
Pinktinker · 15/07/2019 11:18

Coil and MAP should work. Obviously no guarantee you’d get pregnant from one off mid cycle sex anyway.

ScrambledToe · 15/07/2019 11:20

I do tell myself that @Pinktinker Smile But I conceived pretty easily with my two dc

OP posts:
TokyoSushi · 15/07/2019 11:25

This was me a few months ago, I'd take the MAP anyway, just so you're doing everything you can.

I did laugh when the pharmacist asked me if I have ever taken the MAP before and then looked incredulous when I confidently responded, yes, once, in 1995! I'd bet my life that he wasn't even born then!

It worked, and hopefully it will for you too!

CountFosco · 15/07/2019 11:27

I suspect it's how a lot of people end up with the copper coil! I had mine put in at a GUM clinic and they were fab. Took a paracetamol before hand, bit of mild cramping that evening, then sorted for the next 10 years. My periods aren't heavier but the flow has changed, that might just be my age of course. I do tend to have 1 very heavy day but the rest are lighter.

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 15/07/2019 11:48

Deep down though you must be hoping for another child, otherwise. You'd never have taken that risk.

ScrambledToe · 15/07/2019 12:50

No way @Awwluck 😬

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