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Faint positive pregnancy test

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MumOfTwo1502 · 14/07/2019 12:17

Hi all I've had a few faint positive pregnancy test and a clear blue and first response tests that were negative does any one no how to put up pictures so I can show you and have your opinions on my faint positive tests, could really do with some advise feeling very confused.. Thanks in advance..

OP posts:
LookImAHooman · 14/07/2019 12:20

How late are you?

If you can invert the colours of the photos, a line will show up more easily as light on dark. A line is a line, though, however faint; the problem is not being able to account for a chemical on them. I hope you get the result you want.

Mumof2and3angles · 14/07/2019 12:26

I had a very faint positive was debating if it was a evap line I was 4 days late at this point but we had a feeling it was going to be positive, with digital I get negatives untill I’m about 2 weeks late but cheap ones usually show up quickly I drank loads of water and waited 3 hours to pee it’s hard as you kinda need to pee a lot, got another faint but the line was darker 3 days later did it again still relatively faint but darker.
The first one I was ready to throw in the bin thinking it was negative but just caught the very faint line

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