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Experiences of ex-pats in Canada?

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wheresmymojo · 13/07/2019 19:40

I'm currently on a road trip through parts of Canada with DH.

He already loves the country having done two or three ski seasons in Montreal as a snowboard instructor. He intended to emigrate but one thing or another got in the way and he never did.

I like the idea of emigrating but I think the practical reality is that you end up in a similar situation.

DH likes the idea because:

  • He likes the outdoorsy approach to life
  • He likes having four proper seasons and is a real snow bunny so would love the winters
  • He thinks it's a much more relaxed way of life here.

I think we could have a more outdoorsy life in the UK, we live in the countryside but he never wants to go for a walk so I don't think that would change.

I'm not as in to snow as he is and think it might get on my nerves.

I think it's easy to think any country you've only been to on holiday or as a young snowboard instructor has a relaxed way of life Grin

I'm reasonably senior in financial services/the City. I would like to work less but I'm not in love with Toronto where most of those jobs are. The places I could see myself living in the West I think could be a struggle finding the kind of work that would give us the size of house we want.

I also think....we already have a lovely life, nice house in a lovely village in the Home Counties, good income, live near his (lovely) parents, nice friendship group.

Neither of us would want to live in a city, city living just isn't for us but I think it would be more likely living here and doing the kind of job I do(?)

Anyway....I'm just interested to hear from ex-pats in Canada.

What have been the upsides?
Is it a more relaxed working culture (even in the kind of job I do)?
Does anyone live in the West (Calgary, Whistler, Vancouver)?
How is it to find work there and how long is your commute?
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wheresmymojo · 13/07/2019 19:41

Also everyone here seems lovely, friendly, tolerant and polite.

But is that just a tourists view?

Is it real or just a veneer?

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