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Anyone with tax credit/universal credit knowledge about

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ReginaPhalangeismyothername · 13/07/2019 14:55

I hope someone can offer me some advice, I’m a bit confused!
I’ve applied for housing benefit but they have written to me to say I can only apply under universal credit.
I don’t know much about UC it I’m worried that I might be worse off even though I’ve done a calculator and it says I’ll actuallu be better off because presumably I am eligible for some housing benefit.
I’m really worried something might go wrong and I’ll be buggered. I’m a single parent and I work full time so there isn’t much else I can do if it all goes wrong!!

OP posts:
MummytoCSJH · 13/07/2019 14:57

You'll just have to apply and wait and see, there isn't much more you can so. Best to get the ball rolling asap as it take ages for them to sort it.

MummytoCSJH · 13/07/2019 14:58

Do*, sorry.

RebootYourEngine · 13/07/2019 14:58

If your area is a UC area then yes it is all down through universal credit. There is no separate housing benefit anymore.

Pizzaaddict · 13/07/2019 15:00

Have you used the entitledto calculator?

MyDcAreMarvel · 13/07/2019 15:01

If you currently claim tax credits and the rent help is minimal I would not claim UC.

Pizzaaddict · 13/07/2019 15:01

If you weren’t claiming housing benefit yet anyway then there’s no way you’ll be worse off, even if you’re entitled to nothing you aren’t losing anything by applying

MyDcAreMarvel · 13/07/2019 15:02

There is no separate housing benefit anymore.
In limited circumstances you can make new HB claims eg only adult in house severely disabled.

MyDcAreMarvel · 13/07/2019 15:02

Pizza addict UC can be much less than tax credits plus no money for five weeks. So yes definitely can be worse off.

ReginaPhalangeismyothername · 13/07/2019 15:07

According to the calculator I’ll be £200 a month better off. I could survive without tax credits for 5 weeks!!!!
Is it all going to be switched eventually?? For some reason I’ve got it in my head that UC is the work of the devil?!!

OP posts:
Pizzaaddict · 13/07/2019 15:22

Everyone will be switched eventually yes. @MyDcAreMarvel yes but she will also be getting housing element on top.

What are your circumstances? Are you single or in a couple? Over or under 25? Children?

ReginaPhalangeismyothername · 13/07/2019 15:29

I’ve got 2 primary aged DC, I work full time and live alone in a privately rented property, defo over 25!!!

OP posts:
MyDcAreMarvel · 13/07/2019 15:36

Pizza eventually yes , you said there are no separate hb anymore.
PIzza you don’t understand , UC with housing element can still be less than tax credits without hb.
Also say the tax credits is £180 a week , missing five weeks works out to an additional loss of £17 a week over the first year.
It’s really not as simple as saying tax credits with no HB must be less money than UC with a housing element.

buttonmoonb4tea · 13/07/2019 16:02

Best thing to do is is go to entitled to and work out how much UC you would get. Then add that to to the rest of your income. Then to see if you would be better/worse off on UC compare it to your current tax credits entitlement along with your income. If the total under UC is more then your better off on UC but if it's less then you're better off staying on tax credits and waiting until you're migrated over to UC as the amount you get with TC will be protected under UC. Plus many people end up with a TC overpayment when they claim UC which has to be paid back and will reduce your UC payments until it's repaid. So there's lots to consider really.

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