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Has anyone successfully dealt with noisy neighbours?

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peachjuice · 13/07/2019 11:48

Not next door to me but our gardens border. They have parties and gatherings in their garden frequently. Loud music, drunk people shouting and screaming over each other, foul language.

They have garden heaters mounted to the walls and change in season doesn't stop them.

Has anyone ever managed to get noisy neighbours to stop via official channels such as the council's noise complaint service? I'm wondering whether to deal with the hassle of just moving or whether I should try to go through formal channels to stay in my otherwise much loved home! Thanks x

OP posts:
PinkSpring · 13/07/2019 11:50

Nope, never.

Unless the noise is excessive and after certain hours, nothing can be done.

You can go down the route of trying to record them and reporting sound nuisance but if it's then sitting in the garden until late at night, not much can be done about that

PinkSpring · 13/07/2019 11:50

We moved by the way!!

peachjuice · 13/07/2019 11:58

It is quite excessive but the annoying thing is that it starts at lunchtime but doesn't go on until very late really. But it's still 12 hours of disturbance every weekend. Angry

OP posts:
Soola · 13/07/2019 12:01

If you make a report it may have to be declared if you sell your home so do consider that.

Personally I would move as I could not stand that level of selfishness and noise but then there are no guarantees that where you live it will be quieter.

Yellowweatherwarning · 13/07/2019 12:06

Get some speakers and play soothing music in your own garden. You may be able to zone out of theirs and into yours...

Knittedjimmychoos · 13/07/2019 13:45

Anything that anyone does repeatedly that stops your home enjoyment can be investigated.

Try your eh department and see what they say....

LeekMunchingSheepShagger · 13/07/2019 13:48

Have you tried talking to them about the impact their noise has? They must surely be disturbing others as well as you.

thekaratekid · 13/07/2019 14:07

Personally I would think about moving, or atleast try and mitigate the impact somehow? Can you plant shielding evergreen bushes/trees along the border? Although it won't get rid of the sound, it might baffle it a bit and mean you won't have to look at them.

I would be wary about going through official channels as you have to declare it if you do decide to move.

Also have to consider if it is likely to be a relatively short term issue? We had neighbours like this when I was a kid. They had parties late into the evenings at the first hint of warm weather. Hmm As the neighbours got older and their kids moved out the parties lessened. The worst of their parties probably were across a 5 year period, now barely anything.

TeaForTheWin · 13/07/2019 14:17

Nope. Police don't do anything elther. Upstairs neighbours used to play loud music for a few hours between 2 and 6am, four or five nights per week. Police would take forever to arrive, take some notes and the next night it would all start over again. Useless.

Think if I remember right, the council wouldn't do evening visits to determine noise levels. Oh-I don't know if it ever worked cause I moved soon after but I did get in touch with the estate agents renting out the flat (there's a way you can find out online who it is) and inform them of the noise. Perhaps that would at least have stopped them renewing the lease.

But after 9 months I had had enough and moved.

wanderings · 13/07/2019 14:28

We successfully tamed a house of noisy night owl students. After a long time of noting every incident, we got the landlord's details from the land registry, and contacted the university switchboard to get the name of a senior member of staff who would deal with them. We wrote to them both (and environmental health), listing and describing the disturbances. Within three or four days the students had written us a grovelling letter, which they had clearly been told to write. And mostly, they were quiet after that, apart from one or two isolated incidents when they forgot what time it was. By the time environmental health called us back, things were mostly OK.

We did talk to other neighbours as well. I would suggest trying to get others on your side if you can. I imagine Environmental Health departments vary a lot in their effectiveness.

user1552403235 · 13/07/2019 14:34

Do not move. You are only giving in to the selfish scum. Your Environmental Health Dept can be contacted and they can write to the offenders and warn them that sound monitoring equipment will be set up by them if the noise nuisance continues. I had to do it because of new neighbours who moved in 2 years ago close to me. They had 2 dogs that barked constantly and the E.H. Dept. of my council did as I've described. The barking did stop..Now my next door neighbours go out at 7.30 am every weekday morning and BANG their front door numerous times. It does not need to be banged as my door and my other neighbour's doors can all be closed quietly. Also the next door neighbours have a cleaner who calls every week and she has no problem closing their door quietly. So I'm going to speak to them about it and if it continues then it's the E.H. Dept. again!!!

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