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Any piercers about?

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exLtEveDallas · 13/07/2019 08:35

DD wants her bellybutton done on the first day of the summer hols. We are off on holiday (beach, hot) the following day and I wondered if it would be a bad idea?

I'm thinking that actually it might be a good thing - it'll be uncovered, chlorine, sea salt etc, but am I wrong?

I've got no issue with her having it done (although DH does), but I don't want her to have it if it's more likely to go manky.

Any advice?

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JacquesHammer · 13/07/2019 08:37

Not a piercer but had loads, you’re absolutely right.

She needs to wait until she gets back.

JacquesHammer · 13/07/2019 08:38

Sorry I misread your post. She needs to wait.

The open wound together with chlorine, sand etc not to mention suncream is a disaster waiting to happen.

exLtEveDallas · 13/07/2019 08:42

You know, I didn't think about sand and suncream, what a dolt! Yes, that would be an issue wouldn't it.

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JacquesHammer · 13/07/2019 08:48

Belly buttons can be trickier to heal anyway (warm and moist!), plus advice with all piercings is to avoid swimming until fully healed.

There is of course as with any body modification the risk of infection and she probably doesn’t want to be dealing with that on holiday.

exLtEveDallas · 13/07/2019 08:55

Ah thank you, I didn't know that about swimming. A def no then, she'll barely spend any time out of the water!

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StarlightLady · 13/07/2019 09:11

Not a piercer but l had probs with mine. I tried twice and sadly on both occasions the body rejected it and it did not heal properly. As well as the no swimming thing, l really think she needs to be closer to home in case something goes wrong, infection etc

Keepthebloodynoisedown · 13/07/2019 09:18

I’ve had quite a few piercings, sand, swimming, suncream sound like a great cocktail for infections, and you don’t want to away if that happened. I’d wait.

Fairylea · 13/07/2019 09:22

Crazy idea, sorry!

Wait until you’re back for all kinds of reasons- also if it does get infected you want to be near good hospitals / doctors etc to get antibiotics etc.

MaMisled · 13/07/2019 09:31

The salt in her perspiration will be so sore! I feel for her though and, id have said yes to my DDs!

exLtEveDallas · 13/07/2019 10:14

Oh she'll take it well, she knows I don't say no to things without justification, she's good like that.

Well, as long as I can win her father around it can be a mid-holidays treat instead :)

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