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Can anyone explain this to me (next credit account)

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fuckfuckfuckitall · 12/07/2019 17:40

I’m totally confused .

Was on a payment plan with next to pay £15 PCM for 6 months . Completed that and they said any future order was to be paid in cash which would go to pay off the account .

I ordered stuff to the value of x, in cash . Paid x .

They added x to the statement showing a reduction in the balance - and are now saying I have to pay x again - plus interest. So they’ve taken the money but then cancelled it out by charging me again . Effectively I’ve paid them x for no reason .

That makes no sense to me at all - doesn’t benefit me at all although it clearly benefits Next as they’re getting a double payment surely ?

If anyone can explain this I’d be hugely grateful as I’m baffled and a bit annoyed , I was under the impression if I ordered something I’d only pay for the order but in cash which would be used to pay off my balance . I’m now in a worse position than before .

OP posts:
Numbersaremything · 12/07/2019 17:58

Did your payment plan clear off your entire debt with Next or did you owe them more than £90 originally?

nikkylou · 12/07/2019 18:07

It depends. Was your account 100% clear or just up to date?
They're two different things.
I work in credit control so may be can explain if I can picture your account.
If your account was clear when you made the purchase/payment then your balance should be 0.

If you're only up to date then it would be a little different. Depending on your terms or minimum payments etc. Your account might be say as below:
Before purchase
May: 50
June: 100
July: 0
After purchase and payment of 50:
May: 0 - see here is where your payment has applied
June: 100
July: 50 - here is your new spend.

Ask them to confirm what order/invoice they have applied your payment to.

If you have anything on your account older than your latest purchase, any payments will clear the older debt.

fuckfuckfuckitall · 12/07/2019 18:14

No, only up to date - it’s at £300 unfortunately . I think I’ve worked it out that effectively after paying that money , the balance hasn’t changed at all - I think ? I wish I’d never got it on the first place now but that’s by the by .

OP posts:
Numbersaremything · 12/07/2019 18:54

They just don't want you to make your debt any higher. Sounds fair enough to me.

fuckfuckfuckitall · 12/07/2019 19:00

It probably is to be honest and I’ve just gotten muddled up with figures !

OP posts:
DontPressSendTooSoon · 13/07/2019 08:25

Those Next accounts are the work of the devil. I've just cleared mine and never again!

KnifeAngel · 13/07/2019 09:53

Could you get an overdraft to clear it off. It would probably work out cheaper.

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