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Stress fracture in tibia

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Orangesandlemons82 · 11/07/2019 19:16

About 2-3 months ago I developed a stress fracture in my tibia from running regularly. This is apparently quite unusual - a large bone like that doesn't usually develop stress fractures. Anyway the bone is starting to heal but I am getting terrible nerve pain shooting in to my foot and ankle. An MRI showed oedema in the bone at the fracture site. I'm convinced there is something else wrong, but the orthopaedic consultant today seemed quite dismissive. Has anyone had this sort of pain from a fractured tibia? I'm starting to question myself as to whether the pain is all in my head! Are there any investigations I should be requesting?

OP posts:
shadypines · 11/07/2019 19:33

To be clear, are you saying the consultant was dismissive of your description of the pain or the question of was there anything else wrong?

I would have thought any pressure on the nerve eg the oedema may cause pain but what does your doc say about that. I presume they have studied the scan for any presence of tumour and found nothing.
On this score as long the fracture is healing and there is no tumour then great BUT if you are complaining of significant pain the medical staff should be listening to you and offering analgesia and possible explanation, not being 'dismissive'.

Do you have phsiotherapy, if so, what is his/her take on it?

orangeshoebox · 11/07/2019 19:40

did you have shin splints?
those can lead to chronic inflammation that weakens the bone.
have you been to the gp for a bone profile blood test and referral for a dexa scan to measure bone density.
hope you get better soon!

orangeshoebox · 11/07/2019 19:46

and yes to physio.
try to see one asap, they can work wonders.

Orangesandlemons82 · 11/07/2019 21:26

Thanks for your reply. He was dismissive of where I was experiencing pain as it isn't typical to have nerve pain there. He said to only partially weight bear for another 6 weeks and see where we are then. He didn't mention physio. Is this something you think i should pursue privately? I didn't have shin splints, but I will certainly speak to my GP and see if she feels those investigations you mentioned are something she can arrange. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I am relatively young so don't want to spend the next 50 years with ongoing pain issues!

OP posts:
orangeshoebox · 11/07/2019 22:02

see a physio as soon as you can. in some areas you can self refer, but might be a wait.
private is around 90£ for initial consultation and imo worth it if you can pay that.

Ziggyzazoo · 11/07/2019 22:37

I got a stress fracture of my tibia from running 2 years ago. It still aches now and then. I don't remember getting pain down to my foot, but it certainly went down to my ankle if I did too much for a good few months afterwards.
Physio sounds like a good idea. I didn't get any, but I don't think I had the oedema that you had.

Orangesandlemons82 · 21/07/2019 00:04

@Ziggyzazoo how long do you think it took you to recover? Im still struggling to walk without crutches and it is 3 months ish now since it happened. Have been advised to use crutches for another 6 weeks. Can't believe how long it is taking!!

OP posts:
garlictwist · 28/04/2023 07:42

@Orangesandlemons82 - sorry I know this is very old thread but I was wondering how your recovery ended up going? I have a really painful shin that's seemingly come out of nowhere and what feels like terrible nerve pain on my outer leg and ankle. Did you get any further diagnosis?

Orangesandlemons82 · 28/04/2023 10:15

@garlictwist it took a long time to repair and I still get nerve pain sometimes. Definitely go and get seen at a minor injuries unit or a+e. I think mine wouldn't have been so bad if it had been diagnosed straight away but according to the MIU I didn't meet the xray criteria as hadn't fallen on it etc. Good luck, hope you get to the bottom of it

OP posts:
garlictwist · 28/04/2023 10:21

Thank you @Orangesandlemons82 - I've made an appointment to see a physio and will take it from there. I'm sorry to hear yours took so long to heal.

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