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Help! If I’ve had MRSA before...

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Pinkyponkcustard · 11/07/2019 18:42

Posting for traffic and will promise to see a doctor tomorrow but...

I got MRSA in my c section scar which cleared really well with the right drugs and no issues since.
I’ve currently got an infected armpit due to a insect bite and are on flucloxacillin for a week to clear it up, it’s weeping yellow stuff now and I feel rotten and I wondered what the likelihood is is of being MRSA again? Envy Not envy!

OP posts:
orangeshoebox · 11/07/2019 18:48

if the previous infection was some time ago and treated properly (oral ab and special washes) it's possible but unlikely.

you body's bacteria change all the time.

usually ab work quickly, I would worry as well that the medicine is not the right one for this infection.

Pinkyponkcustard · 11/07/2019 18:51

Thanks @orangeshoebox I’d read that some antibiotics don’t fix MRSA will go back to the docs for a swab in the morning.

OP posts:
SeaToSki · 11/07/2019 18:53

How many days have you been taking the flucloxacillin for. If its less than three, keep going. If its more than three, go back to the doctor. Also try getting some antibac soap stuff called hibiclens from the pharmacy and use it on the armpit twice a day to see if it helps

Pinkyponkcustard · 11/07/2019 18:57

I started on the antibiotics yesterday morning.

My c section was 3 years ago.

Thanks for the help Mumsnetters, much appreciated Wine

OP posts:
SeaToSki · 11/07/2019 20:25

Also, its a good idea to take a decent course of probiotics and do some kind of maintenance of probiotic yogurts after that. You can colonise your system with good bacteria and crowd out any MRSA type stuff if you work at it. Your gut flora will eventually colonise on your skin too.

Pinkyponkcustard · 11/07/2019 21:05

@SeaToSki Thanks for this, might stop me getting thrush with the antibiotics too.

OP posts:
Crikeycrikeyblimeymoses · 11/07/2019 21:14

It is possible but I agree that if you haven’t seen a significant improvement go back to the doctor. Get the bacteria identified and antibiotic sensitivities tested by getting it swabbed and sent off to the lab.

Pinkyponkcustard · 18/07/2019 20:52

Just to update -I was swabbed but it wasn’t MRSA. Bite is getting better slowly and I’m on my second lot of antibiotics.

Thanks all Wine

OP posts:
DragonTrainer3 · 18/07/2019 21:26

I see you've already got it sorted out, but just so you know, once you've had MRSA once you're flagged as having had it whenever you go back into that hospital.

The reason for this is that it can apparently recur years later, so you get to have extra tests carried out on your samples to rule it out.

Glad to hear this was something else, and Flowers Smile

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