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Bath toy storage

5 replies

Chopsicle · 09/07/2019 17:06

What do you store your babies bath toys in?

Most things I've looked at have rubbish reviews with regards suction on the wall..

OP posts:
Ewanthescreamsheep · 09/07/2019 17:46

We have the same ^^

Esto · 09/07/2019 17:48

We have the same. It's the only thing that's worked, all the suction bag things are rubbish and go all mouldy.

Chopsicle · 09/07/2019 18:38

Thank you! Just ordered one

OP posts:
Isadora2007 · 09/07/2019 18:41

We had a really good double layer thing. Two buckets one inside the other. The inside one had holes in it to let water out and you stored the toys in that but they could drain.

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