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Civil service privilege leave

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avalanching · 09/07/2019 16:30

I'm about to start working for a non departmental government body. In their job advert and induction book they boast about their 4 days of privilege leave which includes 3 days between Christmas and New Year and the Tuesday after the second May bank holiday. However, they also boast about their childcare vouchers which are now closed to new participants so I am wondering if it could be out of date as I thought privilege leave (barring the Queen's birthday) has been scrapped. Do you still get it?

OP posts:
PinkOboe · 09/07/2019 16:45

We do!

Wolfff · 09/07/2019 16:50

No. Govt dept. Scrapped all but the Queens Birthday which they can’t get rid of. My dept is open every day, so only statutory bank holidays apart from that.

caringcarer · 09/07/2019 16:53

My dh gets 31 1/2 days paid holidays per year. I think 1 1/2 days are privilege days.

Mintypea5 · 09/07/2019 16:54

Yes we still get privilege days for Xmas and queens birthday. They did scrap the half day for Easter Maundy Thursday tho

Fifteenthnamechange · 09/07/2019 16:56

Just the queens birthday for us. I'd guess it may depend on length of service-I've been in CS just over a year.

avalanching · 09/07/2019 16:56

Thank you. They didn't mention the Easter one so fingers crossed it is up to date if that one wasn't on there if that makes sense.

OP posts:
upandawaytoday · 09/07/2019 17:34

Is this the British Council? They offer childcare vouchers as an additional taxable benefit for parents of children up to school age. It’s paid through Edenred.

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