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Lack of sleep is killing me, what to do?

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MashedTaters · 09/07/2019 05:39

I haven't had a decent sleep for months and I am exhausted. I used to be able to go to sleep at 10 and sleep til 2 or 3, then very intermittently until about 6, which wasn't great, but lately it's declined further and I am awake just after midnight with very little sleep post then. It's not because I am not active - I work, and come Friday I will have done 21 shifts in 24 days. I'm dead on my feet. Even after a 10 hour shift a few days ago I couldn't sleep past midnight. What can I do? I'm starting to worry about it.

OP posts:
GertrudeCB · 09/07/2019 05:46

Have you been to the GP ? Are your shifts variable?

WoogleCone · 09/07/2019 05:47

Have you tried any sleeping aids? Like night nurse or similar from the pharmacy?
If they dont work I'd be going to the GP!
Hope it gets better for you OP x

Digestive28 · 09/07/2019 05:50

The first life of treatment is cbt for insomnia. Go to your go, try the sleepio app or a self help book

NellWilsonsWhiteHair · 09/07/2019 05:52

5htp (available from Holland and Barrett etc) was very helpful to me years ago. I actually took it primarily for low mood but it really improved my sleep.

I feel for you. Flowers

GertrudeCB · 09/07/2019 06:00

Are you able to practice good sleep hygiene?

redwitch5 · 09/07/2019 11:09

I know how you feel. I have really really bad sleeping habits, as in, not a good nights sleep ever. I bet it's a case of you've tried everything, glass of milk, some light, no light. Everything everyone said works for them, but not for you.

You mentioned you're getting worried? That won't be helping. I used to fret, "oh, it's 3 am and no sleep yet" Now it's "oh look, another bad night" Although sometimes when DM turns the hall light on a 5 am it's "Turn that bloody thing off, people trying to sleep in here" Grin
Try not to worry, easier said than done I know. You may still not get as much sleep as you'd like, but you may be less tired, but I can make no promises, you may just have hit rough patch. Hope this helps

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