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How can I stop my tendons tearing?

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ASplashOfOrange · 08/07/2019 19:29

My tendons seem to tear at the drop of a hat & they take aaages to heal. I've partially split the tendons in both middle fingers & lately I seem to have torn a bit on the outer right-hand-side of my heel. I was doing a hamstring stretch when I first felt it. Now I can't do that stretch again until it's fully healed or it tears again. Am I missing out on something nutritionally perhaps? It didn't even feel like I was over-doing it - I put my foot on the kitchen counter to stretch out the back of my knee & my ankle tore a bit. Any ideas?

OP posts:
Jimjamjooney · 08/07/2019 19:30

Have you taken any antibiotics this year OP?

AnyFucker · 08/07/2019 19:30

That doesn't sound right. Do you have a connective tissue disorder or do they run in your family ?

AnyFucker · 08/07/2019 19:32

....namely ciprofloxacin

ASplashOfOrange · 08/07/2019 19:33

No tissue disorder as far as I'm aware. I'm in my 40s & peri' if that makes any difference? & No to antibiotics. I have had raging hayfever though.. Hmm

OP posts:
GirlInTheDirtyShirt · 08/07/2019 19:33

Have you got Ehlers Danlos by any chance?

orangeshoebox · 08/07/2019 19:35

have you been to the gp?
you need a blood test to look for deficiencies.

ASplashOfOrange · 08/07/2019 19:37

No I don't have EDS. I went to the gp's when I split the finger tendons because they needed to be splinted whilst they healed but he didn't say anything about it.

OP posts:
LesserBohemian · 08/07/2019 19:42

I’ve got dodgy tendons too. It’s infuriating. I injure myself doing everyday tasks let alone exercising.

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice to offer, just sympathy.

I am hyper mobile though and do have other symptoms of EDS but haven’t really investigated it.

moreismore · 08/07/2019 20:56

Have a look into ehlers danlos syndrome

moreismore · 08/07/2019 20:57

Sorry, webpage only just updated!!

Nat6999 · 08/07/2019 21:38

My cousin took Ciprofloxacin, he ruptured his Achilles tendon & it got infected, he ended up in hospital with 24 hours to live as his liver failed, he was very lucky & got a transplant. It turned out that from information on his medical records he should never have been given Ciprofloxacin, he had to sue the hospital because he was never able to work again & was only 49, he died 2 years ago after his transplanted liver failed & he was too ill to stand up to another transplant, but his transplant kept him alive for 17 years.

AnyFucker · 08/07/2019 21:44

Jesus, Nat. That is horrific.

MIdgebabe · 08/07/2019 21:52

Sound like a check up would be good. Physio if the doctors is happy with you

You described static stretches.. I would only do them after a big workout, would do dynamic stretches if muscles need were cold?

I think menopause does tighten things so throwing leg onto bench may be too sudden ?

Do you have much strength ? Strong muscles protect lots of things. I haven’t torn my Achilles in 10 years now, since I got a lower body strength program from the hospital physios. Menopause can also lead to weaker muscles

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