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Best veggie sausages?

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bobstersmum · 08/07/2019 16:49

Trying to cut down on meat and so far bought some frozen quorn sausages, just made them and they are ok but very overly seasoned. One ds scoffed them without question and one took one look and refused. Are there any veggie sausages that taste more sausagey?

OP posts:
RubaiyatOfAnyone · 08/07/2019 16:53

I really like the Linda McCartney ones (standard, not fancy rosemary or chorizo etc)

EskewedBeef · 08/07/2019 16:55

Linda McCartney original are my favourites too.

meala · 08/07/2019 16:56

I like quorn. Can't stand linda mcc but dd loves them. I like cauldron sausages too.

ThomasHardyPerennial · 08/07/2019 17:00

I like the Quorn low fat ones from the freezer section, they just taste nicer than the others in the range. I hate Linda McCartney sausages.

KurriKurri · 08/07/2019 17:00

I don't like the linda Mcartney ones - too fatty and too salty for me. i quite like quorn, but they aren;t as nice as they used to be - think they have changed the recipe. Qorn do some little cooked cocktail sausages which are nice as a snack or you them up.

I actually prefer the ones that aren't fake meat, but sausages made of veg. M and S do some nice sweet potato and red pepper sausages, which taste a bit spicy and slightly smoky - I really like them. They also do a mushroom sausage - but I haven't tried those yet so can't recommend.

melissasummerfield · 08/07/2019 17:01

Shroomies are the most sausage like plant based thing ive ever tasted!

You can get them in the chilled bit of sainsburys.

RatherBeRiding · 08/07/2019 17:04

Definitely Shroomies! Being vegan I've tried many meatless sausages and these are the best to date.

tenthstreet · 08/07/2019 17:04

Linda mc original are hands down the best. Even my husband will eat them

RogueV · 08/07/2019 17:07

I find all meat substitute sausages very salty.
My favourite are the Cauldron Cumberland ones.

bobstersmum · 08/07/2019 17:09

Oooh I shall try all of these then! Dh is very fussy sausage wise and I am hoping if I can find some that we all like I can send him off to work sometimes in the morning with a sausage sandwich, and if the fussy ds will eat them too that is a bonus.

OP posts:
PeoniesarePink · 08/07/2019 17:14

Good Life do lots of frozen ones, I love the smoky bean ones and the cheese/spinach. They're just a bit temperamental to cook as they don't have a skin. Used to love Quorn ones but they changed the recipe and they're far too over seasoned for me these days, same with the Linda Mc ones.

feelingverylazytoday · 08/07/2019 17:23

I make my own. Sage and onion stuffing mix, red lentils and ground up roasted peanuts. You can add other bits if you want.

onlyhereforthefood · 08/07/2019 17:26

The aldi fresh ones are pretty good- one is butternut and red pepper which I love cold with a salad too.

AtLeastThreeDrinks · 08/07/2019 17:27

Shroomdogs from Sainbury's. Had them the other night and my meat-eating partner really rated them (as did I!).

Boyskeepswinging · 08/07/2019 17:30

Second the Cauldron sausages. Really lovely in a Toad in the Hole and make a cracking sausage bap.

KitKat1985 · 08/07/2019 17:33

Cauldron ones are my fave. The Linda McCartney ones are very greasy.

fernandoanddenise · 08/07/2019 17:35

I like the cauldron ones as they get a proper skin on them ๐Ÿ‘Œ

FamilyOfAliens · 08/07/2019 17:35

Cauldron are faves here too.

AlwaysColdHands · 08/07/2019 17:36

Cauldron, NOT Linda McC.
Must try the shroomies ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

AbsentmindedWoman · 08/07/2019 17:38

I love the Cauldron ones! Happily eat the Linda ones too though.

WatchingTheWheels85 · 08/07/2019 17:40

Frys vegan sausages.

DeadButDelicious · 08/07/2019 17:42

Cauldron here too. I don't mind quorn. Not keen on Linda McCartney.

Leakinglikeacolander · 08/07/2019 17:46

We quite like Quorn ones, Linda Mac far too salty.
Will give the shroomies ones a go though now.

EvaHarknessRose · 08/07/2019 17:51

I did the chorizo alike shroomdogs in pasta the other day and that went down well.

RockinHippy · 08/07/2019 19:23

Cauldron Lincoln, or Cumberland. Way better than all of the others & great in recipes such as sausage casserole too

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