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Brain hurts, easy maths question?

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ILikePaperHats · 07/07/2019 23:04

So, me and my BF are going on holiday next year and splitting the villa cost exactly 50/50:
The deposit is £817.22.
My boyfriend lent me £750 so I could pay the deposit, and I will pay him back when I get paid.
How much do I owe him? Sorry this is so simple but I'm so exhausted today and it's making my head hurt!

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wowfudge · 07/07/2019 23:06


ILikePaperHats · 07/07/2019 23:08

Wow I wish I had your quick mind! Thank you!

OP posts:
SandAndSea · 07/07/2019 23:09

You owe him what he lent you: £750.

I'm assuming that you have the additional money to make up the deposit and that neither of you owes the other anything else.

PurpleDaisies · 07/07/2019 23:09

First you need to find out what you each should pay by splitting £817.22 in half. Then you need to subtract that amount from £750 to find how much too much your boyfriend has paid. You need to pay him that.

sackrifice · 07/07/2019 23:10

£408.61 each for the deposit.
so the difference is £341.39 which is what you owe him for your share.

SignOnTheWindow · 07/07/2019 23:11

Splitting the deposit 50/50 would cost you £408.61 each.

So far, your boyfriend has paid £750 and you have paid the remaining £67.22.

Your share of £408.61 minus the £67.22 you have already paid, is £341.39

£341.39 is what you owe your boyfriend.

ssd · 07/07/2019 23:11

How do you get that figure wowfudge

SandAndSea · 07/07/2019 23:11

Ignore me! I thought you meant your half was £817.22.
It's bedtime for me I think.

ILikePaperHats · 07/07/2019 23:14

Thank you, three of you are coming up with the same figure so that must be right !

OP posts:
BigBairyHollocks · 07/07/2019 23:19

£341.39.Both pay £408.61 deposit, he gave you too much,so you owe him back the £351.39.

wowfudge · 07/07/2019 23:26

@ssd it's the difference between £750 and a half share of the deposit.

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