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Help! Liquids and airport security

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AprilSpring · 07/07/2019 20:23

Last time I flew I had to cram my liquids and make up into a tiny bag as I brought the wrong sort to get through security - too big! I ended up having to abandon make up and (thankfully cheap) perfume.
I’m wanting to avoid this again! So wise mn-ers, can I take this Superdrug clear bag through security?

Help! Liquids and airport security
OP posts:
pollyhampton · 07/07/2019 20:25

I don't think you can, it has to be like a sandwich bag.

HermioneWeasley · 07/07/2019 20:26

It doesn’t have to be a sandwich bag, it’s a clear, resealable bag within the dimensions. If this bag fits the dimensions it’ll be fine

pollyhampton · 07/07/2019 20:26

This explains the dimensions

Help! Liquids and airport security
AprilSpring · 07/07/2019 20:31

Thanks all! It’s Height 11 Width 16 Depth 10

It’s the depth bit I can’t find info on by googling

OP posts:
NatashaAlianovaRomanova · 07/07/2019 20:33

The website says it must hold no more than a litre - I think that bag would hold more than a litre of water.

At Edinburgh they provide bags to transfer your liquids into... for reference the pic is what I squeezed into it last time I flew.

Help! Liquids and airport security
lioness87 · 07/07/2019 20:35

It looks a little big. You might get away with it, you might not... you'd probably be better off getting a TSA approved liquids bag off of amazon or eBay for cheap.

If you want a nice, long lasting bag, the one I'm using now that I've found the best is the Space NK travel bag. Pricey, but it's lasted years for me now and I've never had any issues taking it through. I use it as my everyday make up bag too.

misscockerspaniel · 07/07/2019 20:35

In my experience, sorry, but I think they will make you decant your bottles etc into one of their small plastic bags.

OrchidInTheSun · 07/07/2019 20:37

I'd just get sandwich bag tbh. If it looks like a sandwich bag and isabiut the right size, they won't worry. If they think you're trying to get one over, they can come down hard

AprilSpring · 07/07/2019 20:38

Thanks @NatashaAlianovaRomanova that’s less than I was hoping. Here’s what I want to take plus eyeliner brow pencil cover up and mascara! Will have to lose a sun lotion and a deodorant!

Help! Liquids and airport security
OP posts:
AprilSpring · 07/07/2019 20:38

Dammit! Just noticed the make up remover is 125ml, so that’ll have to go too

OP posts:
Rivkka · 07/07/2019 20:40

Buy it all at boots once you're through security

Jsmith99 · 07/07/2019 20:40

I saw some lads at East Midlands Airport security with bags like that last week. Security made them empty the bags and put their stuff into airport approved bags.

RainOrSun · 07/07/2019 20:42

Ok, the volume of your bag is 1760ml. So it's far too big. Sorry.

AprilSpring · 07/07/2019 20:43

@Rivkka why haven’t I thought of that already! Great idea thank you!

OP posts:
NatashaAlianovaRomanova · 07/07/2019 20:44

@AprilSpring you really can't fit a lot into them... I was only away overnight so didn't need shampoo/conditioner. My next trip is a 2 night stay so my hair will need washing which means a whole load of crap to be added!

WTF0ver · 07/07/2019 20:44

The bags need to be sealable from what I remember.

TapasForTwo · 07/07/2019 20:44

There are loads of bags at Manchester airport.

RainOrSun · 07/07/2019 20:44

Just remember if you buy it after security, you can't bring it home.

OrchidInTheSun · 07/07/2019 20:44

If your deodorant is solid (looks like it is), it doesn't need to go into the bag

AprilSpring · 07/07/2019 20:45

@RainOrSun thank you! That confirms it, I’ll nip to Morrison’s in the morning for a sandwich bag and anything that doesn’t fit will have to be bought once I’m through security! I knew you guys would know

OP posts:
MadamePompadour · 07/07/2019 20:45

I googled this the other day as flying tomorrow. Stats I found said 8"x8" max. And no more than a litre capacity. There was no depth stated because I assume it has to be a flat bag.

Ive had to purchase a bag at the airport before because the guard said my resealable sandwich bag which was correct dimensions was the wrong sort of was sticky not a click together type one. Had to pay £1. Was very annoyed.

I also know someone who has a zipped pouch of thicker see through plastic like a pencil case. It's within dimensions but they weren't allowed it as the plastic was too thick!

I think some security people just make it up sometimes but you can't argue with them.

PurpleCrazyHorse · 07/07/2019 20:45

Agree with @Rivkka buy excess items at Boots once you're the other side of security. Heathrow provide the bags for free at security but I bought some on eBay. I think the requirement is that they have to be plain without printing on them too which is why I bought some rather than use an actual sandwich bag.

azulmariposa · 07/07/2019 20:45

Nope! I had a clear 'airline approved' zip bag. They made me put everything in a plastic bag that they gave me.

dementedpixie · 07/07/2019 20:48

Its max size 20x20cm. A small resealable freezer bag is about the right size. Buy suncream at the airport. Use wipes instead of Micellar water

StarlightLady · 07/07/2019 20:48

You can bring your own clear bag providing it is within the dimensions. That saves all the faffing about at the airport decanting from one bag to another.

Of course, if you want to take anything bog standard, you can buy it in Boots after security.

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