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Menu Plan this week

16 replies

GirlFliesHome · 07/07/2019 12:12

What's on your agenda for this week? I have so far;

Prawn and cherry tomato risotto
Apricot chicken
hotsdogs (LOVE Aldi bratwursts)

and there I am stuck

OP posts:
FurryDogMother · 07/07/2019 12:18

Today: roast chicken, spuds and vegetables
Monday: chilli, baked potatoes, sour cream
Tuesday: chicken (leftovers from today) and mushroom risotto
Wednesday: cottage pie, baked beans
Thursday: lamb curry and rice
Friday: scotch eggs (Tesco day, no cooking!)
Saturday: paella (chicken and seafood)

Leftielefterson · 07/07/2019 12:22

I love the food threads!

@GirlFliesHome - would you mind sharing your apricot chicken recipe please? Sounds delicious!

Sunday: we’re off out for Sunday lunch
Monday: Chicken stir fry with homemade teriyaki sauce
Tuesday: Veggie curry and rice
Wednesday: Sausage casserole with loads of veg
Thursday: Bolognese (Quora - but massively pumped up), corvette pasta (dieting)
Fri: Homemade Soup and homemade bread rolls

We tend to deliver in or go out on the weekends.

YesQueen · 07/07/2019 12:25

I'm single so mine are v uncomplicated!

Tonight - naan bread pizza
Then (not sure what order I will have them in)
Jacket potato, cheese and beans and salad
Omelette (cheese, tomato, ham, mushroom)
JO mustard chicken with sweet potato mash and veg
Corned beef hash and red cabbage
Pasta bake (chorizo, cheese, tomato, red onion, sweetcorn)

GirlFliesHome · 07/07/2019 12:28

I love these threads too, thanks form replying.

Apricot chicken was what my Australian mum used to cook up when I was a child. This is basically it:

I do not use soy sauce though. But everything else is pretty much how my mum used to do it. Served over rice. Sweet, tangy, good.

OP posts:
Ricekrispie22 · 07/07/2019 12:36

Naan bread pizzas
Couscous and feta salad
Lentil ragu
Satay stir fry

LaLemonLa · 07/07/2019 12:36

Monday: steak fajitas, wedges and salad
Tuesday: Katsu Curry
Wednesday: Spaghetti Bolognese
Thursday: Asian Hoisin Meatballs with Pak Choi
Friday: We always eat out

LaLemonLa · 07/07/2019 12:37

@YesQueen Naan bread pizza? Please share how 🤤

bluechameleon · 07/07/2019 12:43

Ooh, I need inspiration this week. I was thinking of doing lasagne tonight. Any exciting ideas what to do with cooked shell-on prawns? DS1 has just started eating them so I buy them every week at the moment. Last week we had them in fajitas, the week before with some tapas bits.

GirlFliesHome · 07/07/2019 12:55

I love a prawn risotto. I also like doing prawns in a white sauce, inside of crepes, folded over then a bit of cheese sprinkled on top. My DS1 who is not a big fan of food loves that.

Also- DS loves instant noodles. Cook them up, the toss in prawns and some tenderstem broccoli. Have as a soupy type thing.

OP posts:
gingajewel · 07/07/2019 12:57

Today-sausage and mash, I’m having fish and salad
Monday- chicken and broccoli stir fry
Tuesday- chicken, jacket potato and salad
Wednesday- spag bol
Thursday- fish, rice and peas
Friday- at my moms

Inspiring as ever!!! 🙄

iklboo · 07/07/2019 12:59

Today - peanut butter chicken & noodles
Monday - katsu chicken curry
Tuesday - sausage, egg & chips
Wednesday - salsa fish
Thursday - steak, jacket potatoes & salad
Friday - homemade pizza

YesQueen · 07/07/2019 13:04

@LaLemonLa naan bread (I like using the garlic ones), top with pizza sauce (ready bought as I'm lazy) and whatever toppings you want
Shove in the oven until bubbling

Pomgirl · 07/07/2019 13:07

It’s cold here in OZ at the moment..
today - chicken pie and potato gratin
Monday - chicken kebab wraps with salad and hummus
Tuesday - Slowcooker beef stew
Wednesday - Pulled pork burgers
Thursday - Butter chicken marinated chicken, rice, naan mint yogurt
Friday - homemade pizzas


Nousernameforme · 07/07/2019 14:24

Hawaiian pasta
Salt and pepper burgers
Chicken fajita salad (basically chicken fajita innards on a salad rather than in wraps)
Asian inspired pork meatballs with rice
Chilli with wedges
Homemade pizzas
And something with sausages not worked it out yet.

MissMogwai · 07/07/2019 14:31

Today: no idea, it's hot and I CBA.
Monday: salmon, new potatoes and veg
Tuesday: spag Bol
Wednesday: chicken curry and rice or fajitas
Thursday: stir fry
Fri: eating out

GirlFliesHome · 07/07/2019 17:02

Now I just want an array of Waitresoe ready meals in the firm of quches, smoked chicken and salads. For the entire week.

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