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Weird dream last night... tell me yours!

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JustBeingJobless · 06/07/2019 23:34

I dreamt I was in a supermarket on my mobility scooter, got off it for a minute to get something and it got stolen. I rang the police who told me I was lying and tried to get me to dig a huge hole in the car park outside. I then walked (!) to my dad’s house, but it was full of strangers who I got very cross with for being in there, then my dad came in looking 30 years younger and took me to his new house, which he’d been living in for years. Turns out I had dementia and didn’t know. It was very odd!

I don’t often remember dreams with such clarity and have to wonder what on Earth was loitering in the back of my mind to come up with that!

So, tell me your weirdest dreams...

OP posts:
Toystorypants · 06/07/2019 23:40

Just last night I had a dream that DP texted me and said "is it OK for me to cheat on you tonight with Barbara?" and I furiously trying to text back but it was like I was on drugs and couldn't type and was just sending gobbledegook and the more I tried the more I was failing at it.

Very odd.

Cannyhandleit · 06/07/2019 23:48

I dreamt I was watching the crystal maze and one of the tasks they had to match up celebrities that either wrote or inspired songs from children's tv shows....... apparently Cheryl Cole's mum wrote iggle piggles song from in the night garden!!

I honestly have no clue what the fuck all that was about!

JustBeingJobless · 06/07/2019 23:53

Just remembered, I had a dream a few weeks ago about someone I went to primary school with and haven’t seen, let alone thought about, in nearly 30 years! Can’t remember what it was about, just that they were in it. The brain is a very bizarre thing!

OP posts:
Summertimeatthebeach · 06/07/2019 23:57

I dreamt of The One That Got Away last night. Never crosses my mind irl!!

Birdie6 · 07/07/2019 04:02

Last night I was in the house I lived in as a child. I'd received a letter from someone in my family , from the past. But I couldn't read the writing - I was trying to find someone who could read it for me. I knew the message was important and I was so frustrated that I couldn't read it. Funny what your brain comes up with, isn't it.

MustardScreams · 07/07/2019 04:54

Last night I dreamt I flew to New York, all fine. Then on the flight back I suddenly realised I’m terrified of flying and just as we were taking off there is a huge bang and the plane starts going down. The pilot manages to land it and then I’m getting off as ‘investigator’ and someone’s make up bag had exploded (??) and sent a glass bottle of foundation out of a window and that’s why the plane was crashing.

tinkering · 07/07/2019 08:29

I lost my phone while I was out and somehow tracked it down to being used in a prison. Went to the prison to then ask for the phone back (because that’s so obviously how it works?) and got told no, not unless you let us use you as a drug mule. (!) I said no, told a guard, then I was given my phone back.

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