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Salary request. Reliable research

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Rezie · 06/07/2019 22:05

I'm having a job interview and in the listing they have "competitive salary". I'm pretty sure they will ask for salary request and I have no idea how to value myself. I've always worked for the NHS or similar that has a specific pay band and that is it. I also know it is below the market rate, but no clue on how much.

Any tips on websites that are reliable? It is a position as a buyer so there is a lot of variety on what the job description includes. The range online is huge £25k-70k. Median is apparently £30k. Depending on the site the average range anywhere between £35k-45k. Positions with same titles that have salaries listed range between £15k-50k. The descriptions in these positions sound similar since the job description is quite vague.

Any tips? Trying to be prepared.

OP posts:
Needallthesleep · 06/07/2019 23:03

What kind of buying is it? Fashion would be less well paid than something a bit less glamorous.

I think Glassdoor is the best resource for salaries. In any case I think if you are asked the question you should say something along the lines of ‘the role is more important than the salary, and I am really excited by this role. However I have been attending interviews for jobs between £X and £X’. Make sure it’s a band.

SpaceCadet4000 · 07/07/2019 02:01

It sounds like you've done it, but I'd look at 3-5 different sites if you can so you can see the overlaps. You also need to think about what you're looking to make, versus what you make now.

You're probably best trying to deflect revealing your expectations until as late as possible in the interviewing process e.g. "I have a range in mind, but I'm keen to hear more about your [volunteering program/benefits program/development program] at this stage as [culture/progression/learning] is an important part of the package to me."

If they push, the best advice I've ever been given is to put forward what your understanding of competitive is instead of what your expectations are. e.g. "From my research and the job requirements, I understand that £x-x would be a typical package".

From that point, it's easier to make a case for where you fall within the range without having to overtly state an expectation. They are also more likely to confirm or deny that's the range they are thinking about.

Shelley54 · 07/07/2019 06:09

Again, if you can give more details then people will be able to help. For example - purchasing manager, north west, pharma company vs purchasing admin, south east, fmcg.

Catalicious · 07/07/2019 06:20

More detail please! Buyer, Assistant Buyer or Buying Administrator? Head office for a high street company or a different type of company? Etc

Rezie · 07/07/2019 07:05

I was definitely going to give a range but I just don't know how to set the range. I already used a vague "negotiable depending on the package" type thing in the application. I want to be able to narrow the range from £25k-45k to something. The truth is that I don't have a clue how much I'm worth and how to put myself on a range. This is why I like jobs with pre-set ranges and always having a lower pay makes it hard to evaluate.

It's a buyer position for a well known athletic organisation in South East.

OP posts:
AnnaBegins · 07/07/2019 07:05

More details needed! Location, seniority and sector.

I'm a senior buyer, in automotive I earn £40k. Apparently I should have asked for 2k more at interview! Amongst my same level colleagues salaries range from £37k to £45k. A buyer gets £32k to £40k ish.
A purchasing manager is £50-55k.

In retail, as an assistant buyer I started on £28k rising to £35k after 5 years. That was considered pretty good as a similar role in a different retailer (slightly more northern) was more like £19k rising to £28k.

Applying for pharma/health retail roles, salaries 2 years ago were around £28k for assistant/junior buyer and £35k for category manager.

All the above are Midlands.

AnnaBegins · 07/07/2019 07:08

Sorry cross posted with your extra details. So if it's a buyer role where you won't have any direct reports I'd want £35-40k. If you'd have a direct assistant I'd be looking for more for the added responsibility. But then it is retail so probably lower salaries than automotive.

Sauvignonblanket · 07/07/2019 07:27

Can you speak to a recruitment consultant who works in your area?

Rezie · 07/07/2019 08:13

Do recruitment consultants answer these types of questions if they are not representing the company? I don't really have personal connections with recruitment consultants.

Thanks everyone for answering.

This is very frustrating. Just found another one in my desired location and their pay is £20k. I have applied to quite a few over the past month and I feel like the scales they have given has been 27-32k when there hasn't been a senior or specialist in the title. No wonder there is a big pay gap since it's impossible to know how much to ask. The company knows how much they are willing to pay. I think the trouble with the title "buyer" is that it can include anything. It can be extremely demanding or it can be less so. My current job is mediumish in the demandingness and yet in the listing (looking for a new employee) they managed to make it sound like rocket science and the pay is £22-26k.

OP posts:
PJLove80 · 07/07/2019 09:04

As a junior buyer I earned £25K rising to £45k within 3 years

Sauvignonblanket · 08/07/2019 11:06

It sounds like you're getting some really good specific advice. My suggestion was just something that could be worth a try, the worst a recruitment consultant can say is that they can't help - but if they can it could be really valuable and a good use of half an hour given what's at stake. Good luck!

raspberryk · 08/07/2019 11:27

If you're currently earning around the 26k for your job and the new one is comparable then obviously at least that. If you're not then you need to ask yourself why not.
If you're moving from nhs to private I'm guessing pension and length of service benefits are going to be a consideration but you may be offered private health care and company car benefits with the new role.
It is very tricky, I would see If you can get a range out of them first by letting them know other jobs on your radar (not the 20k one) and asking with that in mind what they felt was competitive.

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