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What is your favourite chinese takeaway option?

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topcat2014 · 06/07/2019 18:28

In the takeaway just now, there must have been 200 options. We always choose the same 2:

Beef & green peppers with black bean sauce, and
Crispy chilli chicken.

A couple of other options had been amended by pen:

beef & tomato was changed to "beef and tomato with eggs" which sounded a bit rank tbh.

OP posts:
dustarr73 · 07/07/2019 19:07

We are having House special curry fried rice.Kung do spare ribs with salt and chilli chips
Ds1 is having chicken thai red curry and chips

PhantomErik · 07/07/2019 19:18

Salt & Pepper Tofu - it's amazing! It's served hot on lettuce leaves & they are so good!

LoafofSellotape · 07/07/2019 19:20

Chow mein
Chicken and mushroom
Lemon chicken
Prawn rice

PutyourtoponTrevor · 07/07/2019 19:21

Sui mai and har kau dumplings
Salt and pepper chicken wings
Deep fried chicken strips
Meat spring rolls
Shitloads of mild sweet chilli dipping sauce

Surfingtheweb · 07/07/2019 19:38

Quarter duck and pancakes
Sweet & sour chicken Hong Kong style
Plain chow mein
Egg fried rice
Singapore noodles
Crispy shredded chilli beef
Kung po prawns 🍀

AguerosAngel · 07/07/2019 20:15

Salt & Pepper Chicken
Boiled Rice
Curry Sauce
Prawn Crackers

DrCoconut · 07/07/2019 21:32

Mixed veg with cashew nuts, fried rice and spring rolls. Making me really hungry now. I'm trying to lost almost 2 stone and can't really have takeaway.

roseblush · 07/07/2019 21:56

Always order

squid in ginger and spring onion
crispy vegetable noodles
crispy seaweed

if it's a special occasion or I'm really hungry I get salt and chilli ribs too.

SolitudeAtAltitude · 07/07/2019 22:02

MN brought chinese salt & spicy chips to my attention

That is now my favourite thing!

Leftielefterson · 07/07/2019 22:18

Salivating reading all of these posts. We usually order:

A selection of dim sum (bao being the fave in my house)
Jasmine tea smoked ribs
Soft shelled crab
Abalone soup
Pak Choi
Singapore rice/noodles

Muchtoomuchtodo · 07/07/2019 22:20

The chicken satay sticks are my favourite. I do love a special foo yung too.

Hadenoughofitall441 · 07/07/2019 22:29

We usually get
Sweet and sour chicken hing Kong style
Beef in black bean
Roast duck with mushrooms
Special friend rice
Special chow mien
Peking duck
Salt and chilli prawns
Crispy pork
Spare ribs

There is 8 of us in the house πŸ˜‚

Harveywallplanner · 07/07/2019 22:30

Sweet and sour chicken fried balls, with just a teaspoon of the ball sauce, not saturated in it

Shockers · 07/07/2019 22:40

Singapore vermicelli (veggie), salt and chilli tofu and crispy seaweed.

I do share it with DD though!

PolkaDotHoneyPot · 07/07/2019 23:02

Prawn & Pork Dim Sum, Yuk Sung, crispy seaweed & spring rolls. Also partial to a bit of special fried rice with that bright red gloopy 'gravy' they do!

mummymayhem18 · 07/07/2019 23:03

Hong Kong Sweet and Sour Chicken
Egg fried rice
Kung Pao chicken
Chow mein πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

mummytohaz · 07/07/2019 23:06

Chicken chow mein
Egg fried rice
Lemon chicken
Spring rolls
and sweet corn and chicken soup drizzled over the lot Grin

Titsywoo · 07/07/2019 23:15

I always order bbq spare ribs, special chow mein and special fried rice plus an extra pot of bbq sauce which I saturate the rice with. I tend to eat all the rice with a small amount of noodles and 2 ribs then have the rest of the ribs and noodles the next day. It's delicious but so salty I get through about 3 pints of water in an evening when I get a take away.

happyhillock · 07/07/2019 23:15

Sweet and sour chicken
Lemon chicken
Chicken and mushroom
Chicken fried rice and curry sauce
Chips and curry sauce
Beef with peppers and black bean sauce

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