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Are you a mortgage broker? Come talk to me

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2ndAugust · 06/07/2019 15:09

Been working as a mortgage administrator for a few months totally different field to what I’m used to. Lovely independent company, great boss. They feel I have a natural aptitude for the business and have offered to sponsor and support my training to become a broker, quite a nice opportunity in my mid 40’s as I am a bit lost career wise. I think they are hoping i will continue to do the admin and grow into the broker role overtime, eventually losing my salary and going commission only? Haven’t spoken in depth about that yet.

Do you enjoy your job? What are the worst bits? I’m really undecided, but DS starts high school this year and it might be the perfect time to forge a new career that could carry me from my 40’s into my 60’s.

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Champagnecharleyismyname · 06/07/2019 15:55

I'm about to do the same. My husband is an IFA and I have been doing the mortgage admin. All my career has been employed in HR roles until the last few months.

I am looking forward to being self employed and the mortgage side interesting and more involved than I thought. You can make good money if you have a good client base.

I intend to start studying in September.

Champagnecharleyismyname · 06/07/2019 15:56

Forgot to say I'm in my late 40s so also a bit daunted about career change.

2ndAugust · 06/07/2019 17:30

Thanks for your reply, the training seems easy enough, I worked in fashion before so it’s quite a change for me. Have a head for figures, and like the interaction with clients so it seems like a good plan. Good luck with yours!

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