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Slime recipe

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LifeIsGoodish · 06/07/2019 09:56

I'm looking for an easy, quick, slime recipe. I've never made slime before, but have agreed to do a last-minute slime activity tomorrow.

I'm in the UK, so I've got school PVA but not Elmers Glue. There are so many recipes online that I don't know which to choose. Also, may not have time to do a test run.

Advice, please?

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LifeIsGoodish · 06/07/2019 12:13

Any tips? I can go out and buy things now.

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lucysmam · 06/07/2019 14:04

@LifeIsGoodish what's it for?

Equal parts washing up liquid and cornflour give a sort of butter slime. My own girls, and my Rainbows were happy with that.

LifeIsGoodish · 06/07/2019 15:28

The children at the activity will be aged 10-12, so some are likely to be experienced slime-ers.

I've found this BBC Good Food recipe - hope, being BBCGF, it will be reliable and work with UK ingredients.

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BearSoFair · 06/07/2019 17:45

Do you have a WHSmith nearby? They sell Elmers glue, glitter glue, activator, or a kit with everything. If it's anything like the branch I work in, they're likely to have tons of the stuff!

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