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Anybody else up early

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FiveGoMadInDorset · 06/07/2019 05:07

Or late depending on what country or if you have been to bed yet

The dawn chorus is lovely this morning but it’s Saturday

OP posts:
ListenLinda · 06/07/2019 05:10

Good morning :)

Newjobnewstart · 06/07/2019 05:11

Ive been awake since 3. No dawn chorus just noisy. Heading to airport in an hour so no chance of more sleep. But im.going on holiday woo

bugaboo218 · 06/07/2019 05:12

Yes, I am up early. Child with Autism and other SN. We have been up since 3. 30. Rest of household still asleep.

NotJustACigar · 06/07/2019 05:13

I always wake up at 5, weekday or weekend. I took an online test once and it said I'm the earliest type of morning person. Poor DH, though I try to be pretty quiet. He's snoring away next to me right now!

LaMarschallin · 06/07/2019 05:16

Hi. Me too.
What would you like to talk about?

TheQueef · 06/07/2019 05:19

I woke up to be sick at 4am and headbutted the sink Sad so now I'm up before God with a cobble on my head.

FiveGoMadInDorset · 06/07/2019 05:21


OP posts:
FiveGoMadInDorset · 06/07/2019 05:23

@newjobnestart where are you going?

I have a lot on my mind at the moment and sometimes I just wake up early trying to sort it, usually auto at 5.30 in the week but just after 4 this morning

OP posts:
Ilove · 06/07/2019 05:27

Up early, sat on the balcony of our new holiday home we literally just got the keys for on Monday - arrived last night, and so excited I can’t sleep!!

20 years of saving every penny, an 8 month battl with the bank here who thought we were money laundering, but WE’VE DONE IT!!!!!!

Today is a GOOD day!!!

Mallowmarshmallow · 06/07/2019 05:28

Yes, although not by choice. I have an early waking five year old who woke crying for the fan to be turned back on and then my three year old had a bad dream.

I can never go back to sleep once anyone else in the house is awake.

I'm exhausted already and we had big plans today..

wejammin · 06/07/2019 05:28

I'm feeding the baby, I daren't move incase he wakes back up but I'm in a very uncomfortable position, he's sweaty as anything, and he's got a tiny sharp bit on one of his fingernails that's gently torturing my skin. Fun!

Shosha1 · 06/07/2019 05:33

Been up since 4.30, have Fibromyalgia and Lupus, so am usually awake by this time.

Sat out in the garden drinking coffee, listening to the birds.

Will go and soak in the hot tub in a minute, helps with the pain and means I don’t have to take meds to early.

Stopyourhavering64 · 06/07/2019 05:40

Shosha 1 I've also got autoimmune disease (vasculitis) so never get a full night's sleep ...don't think steroids help and I always need to take painkillers in the wee small hours to tide me over to morning
However I'm in the country and the dawn chorus is lovely and I can see out bedroom window towards mountains , so I'll take that
Husband is snoring , so spoiling the peace and quiet

GreyhoundzRool · 06/07/2019 05:40

Usually up between 5-5.30. Had a horse until very recently so I think it’s still habit at the moment. Hoping I will grow out of it. I’m not one for huge lie ins but would like to wake about 7 really !

whereiwanttobe · 06/07/2019 05:54

We had the fan on last night as it was so hot. But we also have a 3 month old puppy and I was worried I wouldn't hear him when he woke (normally about 6) so I got up at 5am just in case. Of course he is fast asleep, just me awake for the day now. Just as well he is very, very cute 😊

S0CKS · 06/07/2019 06:32

Good morning :-)
Ill regret it later on this afternoon when i go all lethargic but im really enjoying being awake early this morning

IntoValhalla · 06/07/2019 06:36

I’ve been up since 5:35 - DS (2yo) cake running into my room informing me: “Mama, I don’t a really really big poo!”.

On inspection of his nappy, he had indeed done a really really big poo.

Esto · 06/07/2019 06:49

Up at 5 with the one year old. I can hear the 3 year old stirring. They are quite good sleepers but the early mornings are relentless. I'm going out tonight to a hen party and know I'll be exhausted and ready for bed at 9pm...

Ilove that sounds wonderful. Is it a UK holiday home or abroad?

BertieBotts · 06/07/2019 06:53

DS2 has been waking up at 5 most mornings. He managed until 6.30 today, which is an improvement but I still feel dead.

Also he doesn't just wake up and then let me drink my coffee in peace. He spends the maximum amount of every waking minute trying to discover new exciting things to break, eat or hurt himself on.

RedSheep73 · 06/07/2019 06:58

Not as early as pp but for some reason I woke at the time my weekday alarm would go iff and didn't feel like going back to sleep. Now I'm under a cat having a cup of tea.

lljkk · 06/07/2019 06:59

Just woke up at 5:39am & that was that for the night. The ONE morning this week I could have had a lie in but I wake up anyway!! Irk. Have been getting stuff done on poota. Oh well, list of stuff to do offline, should go get doing now.

Namechangeymcnamechange11 · 06/07/2019 07:07

Glad it's not just my DS with an internal alarm set for 5am Grin
During these summer days, I'm actually enjoying the morning breeze, birds and blue sky Grin

hopewardrobe · 06/07/2019 07:10

Yep I'm awake from 530 too. It's my normal week day time and I normally lie in a little on a weekend. I have a big and very important presentation on Tuesday so I'm planning that (in bed with my 2 dogs) Going to get up and take them for a walk in the woods whilst it is quiet and cool in a bit.

BillywilliamV · 06/07/2019 07:11

Kitten was hungry, she then did the most enormous poo and has stunk the house out!

EvilHerbivore · 06/07/2019 07:21

Have been fighting myself out of bed every morning this week, only managed to get up because I promised myself a lie-in today - nope, up at 5am 🙄

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