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Have supermarket strawberries dropped in quality?

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BrendasUmbrella · 05/07/2019 18:12

Why are strawberries now routinely smushy or bruised? Not even the organic ones, just the normal kind. The ones that come with online shopping are worse. We got some from Ocado last week that were old and literally sprouting.

I first noticed this last year, but we were having the summer from hell which I thought explained it. I'm baffled that the quality still seems quite poor this summer?

OP posts:
CherryPlum · 05/07/2019 18:20

It does seem a bit hit and miss. I'm noticing lots of soft cucumbers too.

PodgeBod · 05/07/2019 18:21

Yes I agree and I actually thought about posting about this yesterday! Mine have been going mouldy really quickly too. Even though I check them before I buy, mine keep going bad within a day or 2.

beanaseireann · 05/07/2019 18:23

I'm in Ireland and you can't beat the Wexford strawberries sold on the side of the road at this time of year.
They're delicious and are so unlike the imported tasteless strawberries you get in some supermarkets.

EleanorReally · 05/07/2019 18:23

oh yes,
try pick your own, far tastier

they are available so much more than in the past, like tomatoes.

you need to pay more for quality and taste

mimibunz · 05/07/2019 18:23

I’ve seen and tasted some lovely Co-Op strawberries this summer. They seem smaller but they are perfectly ripe.

EleanorReally · 05/07/2019 18:24

or perhaps it is just not a good year for strawberries.

i always find you need to eat soft fruits within a day of buying. they are quickly perishable.

SoupDragon · 05/07/2019 18:24

I've had them from Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Aldi and all have been absolutely fine. All British strawberries if that makes a difference.

Zoobunny · 05/07/2019 18:26

Had no issues with Sainsbury’s strawberries this year but I do agree in general that quality is going down in the ones elsewhere

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