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Weekend Plans

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keeganface · 05/07/2019 16:34

This lovely weather is set to continue over the weekend and as we've been busy as a family with work and school we haven't had a chance to enjoy it much yet.

DH, myself and DD12 have a day off together tomorrow and so far have no plans. What are your plans for the weekend? Hoping to get some inspiration.

OP posts:
BackforGood · 05/07/2019 18:39

It is the day for all the local fetes and carnivals round here tomorrow - I'll probably visit a couple. Wander round in the sun, bump into lots of people I know, have a chat, have a cuppa and an ice cream Smile

JingsMahBucket · 05/07/2019 18:58

OH and I just got to a tiny seaside Scottish village. We’ll go exploring tomorrow and spend some time reading, writing and just relaxing.

EsmeeMerlin · 05/07/2019 19:04

Tomorrow I am taking my two sons to a barbecue. We were invited by a mum I have been talking to at local playgroups for a while. She has met my dh a few times(he sometimes takes ds2) and he too is invited but he has to work. Really looking forward to it, it’s nice to make new friends.

Sunday we are celebrating dh’s birthday and will go out somewhere but yet undecided. Perhaps the beach.

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