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American tv curtains, WTF?

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IsThatYourOverbite · 04/07/2019 22:59

Do they not make them big enough to pull closed? Is it a set budgeting issue?

I just don't get why no one ever on any tv show or film from the states ever ever ever closes the curtains at night. Not if they are going to bed, not if they are dressing, not if they are hiding from axe murderers, not if they are having sex, not if they are pretending not to be in or trying to hide from someone. Not ever, for anything.

What is this weirdness about?

OP posts:
DrMadelineMaxwell · 09/07/2019 00:03

We don't shut our curtains (UK).
Living room window has a cherry tree outside in the middle of the front lawn, which blocks the view in but doesn't stop the light.
And the back garden is about 60ft long, with a summer house halfway down and a church yard/graveyard beyond. Only dead people to look in from the back, say my dds.

Upstairs, our curtains are semi drawn to frame the window. No houses directly opposite. I only shut those curtains in the summer to stop it being too bright too early and waking me up before I want to.

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