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I've had enough

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Mummyoftwo91 · 04/07/2019 16:59

My kids argue 24/7 and I've had it, I want to leave this house and never come back, I've tried ignoring it but it's every time they are even in a room together and it's so draining listening to the constant arguing and crying, I've tried reward charts with them, separating them but nothing works

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babysharkah · 04/07/2019 18:29

How old are they?

I've got 8 year old twins who are one monte bickering, next minute best mates. It's tiresome. As soon as they start they are in separate rooms until it blows over.

Escapinginthecar · 04/07/2019 18:54

It's a hell of a job parenting, there should be more support, more recognition of the mental strain. Have you ever phoned Parentline? Or Samaritans? They've been like guardian angels to me, always there at my lowest.
Headphones and music you love just for a few minutes can help you relax.

OfMe · 04/07/2019 19:01

Take a cup of tea outside for ten minutes if they're old enough to be unsupervised for that long. I used to smoke, then vape, during particularly stressy periods, but now we don't do either, neither DH or I get to 'step away' from things (we have 2 dcs with SEND, I have 2 older teenagers and we both have stressy jobs, so it gets quite hectic here!)

LittleLongDog · 04/07/2019 19:05

Separating them will work to a degree because it will stop them being physically able to bicker.

Take some time out. Step outside for a moment and breathe.

ElizaPancakes · 04/07/2019 19:08

Oh god I hear you.

I’m sick and tired of bellowing ‘don’t talk to each other, don’t look at each other, don’t even THINK about each other’ and getting about 30 seconds before it starts again.

I might start sitting one on the front step and one on the back.

Mummyoftwo91 · 04/07/2019 19:47

They are 4 and 7, they just seem to hate each other, they never play nicely, it's really bringing me down I feel like every day out is ruined, I haven't even wanted to book a holiday this year as it's that bad! I try not to react most of the time but today I feel awful as I lost my shit and shouted at them! I know most children bicker and fight but this is just too much! I don't know what to do to make our family life better

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Mummyoftwo91 · 04/07/2019 19:48

Just to add they are lovely children when they are alone but together a nightmare 😂

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