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Help with shop barcodes - retail employees

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Hortuslover · 04/07/2019 09:55

Can anyone tell me if shops can tell when an item was bought?

I bought a pair of curtains from the range back in March/April in prep for moving into our new home which we haven’t yet done.
I now want to change the colour scheme and need to return the curtains but swap them for a different colour from the range. They’ve said they have a returns/exchange policy of 28’days so won’t exchange them, as confirmed by their customer services by phone and email. I think this is crazy as I don’t want my money back. I don’t have a receipt.

I’m thinking of playing dumb and trying to exchange these in store but wanted to know if they’ll be able to tell when they were originally bought once they scan them. Does anyone know?

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Singletomingle · 04/07/2019 09:59

Unless its a unique item or they very rarely sell such an item no it is very unlikely. As long as they are unopened and it is just a swap cant see it being a problem.

Hortuslover · 04/07/2019 10:19

Still in original packaging unopened.
I’ll risk it then and play dumb if they tell me I can’t...then inwardly seeth!!

OP posts:
Soola · 04/07/2019 10:26

They cannot tell from the barcode when you bought them.

If they no longer stick them they can tell when the item was available.

So if it was ages ago they would know you’re trying it in.

If they still stock the item then you can return without a receipt and they should give you a credit note.

I must say that I’ve found them completely inept (in my favour) with their stick control resulting in my getting a whole order free of charge despite my trying to pay for it.

WeShouldOpenABar · 04/07/2019 10:29

They have no obligation to give you a credit note if the item isn't faulty. Saying that it's worth a try as an exchange is more likely to be accepted without receipt than a refund.

smiggle34 · 04/07/2019 10:34

I brought wallpaper a while back at the range but needed less than I bought the unopened roll back with my receipt. It was 3 days after the 28 day policy as I couldn't get there before hand. They took it back as an exchange for me no arguments. The wallpaper was still in stock though.

LIZS · 04/07/2019 10:42

Agree with above there is no obligation to swap let alone refund due to you changing your mind. The 28 days is a goodwill policy and may even require proof of purchase ( bank statement might do).

Hortuslover · 04/07/2019 10:48

Hoping as it’s a straight swap for the same item in different colour won’t be too difficult. I bought other items when I bought the curtains so bank statement wouldn’t show the correct amount that I paid for the curtains.

OP posts:
sashh · 04/07/2019 11:04

Still in original packaging unopened. I’ll risk it then and play dumb if they tell me I can’t...then inwardly seeth!!

You received them as a gift last weekend, you have no idea when they were bought.

CardinalCopia · 04/07/2019 11:09

You received them as a gift last weekend, you have no idea when they were bought

Technically then the rights lie with the purchaser not the receiver.

Personally I'd go to a different store, 'bought these last month and lost the receipt can I swap them please?' I'd be amazed if they said no.

Nogodsnomasters · 04/07/2019 11:14

The cashier has no idea when you bought them without a receipt so if possible I would go to another branch and say "bought these in such n such branch 2 weeks ago, just need a different colour please" they will not refuse this.

Only advising different branch on the very small off chance that you get the same cashier who served you first time and you have a very recognisable face lol. I'm a retail assistant manager. This advise will only not work if that particular range of curtain has stopped being sold.

PineappleTart · 04/07/2019 11:24

Really after 3 months you're taking the mikey in a massive way. You don't even have a receipt to prove the purchase

dontgobaconmyheart · 04/07/2019 11:32

Actually you can often tell OP. Ex retail manager and the barcode label will often have codes on that denote which season/year the item was ranged for. There is also such a thing as a stock file, so they'd be able to look it up based on either the barcode, or the label on the fabric most likely, if they so chose, to find the current price/see when or if it went into sale and how long ago etc.

If they offer you a goodwill exchange you can expect to receive the current selling price only, so if it went into sale then this is the price you will get back as exchange. Even if they still sell the identical item at full price (with a different barcode) yours may be still marked as sale as the barcode may denote an older line.

Your best bet is to say they were gifted and chance your arm for an exchange at the current selling price. They aren't obligated to do anything though, it's entirely goodwill. You could always sell on ebay or similar and get some money back if you have no luck.

PCohle · 04/07/2019 11:45

In some shops (Next) items are individually coded so that stores can identify items that have been shoplifted. I think they'll know.

Hortuslover · 04/07/2019 13:25

I plan to go to a different store and try my luck. The plan was to be moved in by now but taking longer than expected so I’ve had too much time to rethink colour scheme. Other option is to sell them on eBay..

No one wants to buy some burnt orange curtains do they Grin

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