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Weird rash

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skunkatanka · 03/07/2019 21:44

I posted this on general health but limited traffic and no replies.
I have a weird and growing rash on my lower leg (just above my ankle). It's a bit itchy (not lots) and a bit uncomfortable to the touch. It's a little bit warmer than the rest of my skin. I have already had bloods done which were all ok and have a docs app tomorrow. Any idea what they'll say MNetters? Anyone had anything similar??

Weird rash
OP posts:
Progged22 · 03/07/2019 21:46

Hope it gets better . Of course doctors will know best .

HeronLanyon · 03/07/2019 21:46

It looks like a bruise. Or an infected bite of some sort. I had awful mosquito bites once which became infected in my leg and it ended up looking a bit like that. Doesn’t look like a rash from photo. Good luck.

skunkatanka · 03/07/2019 22:00

It carries on around the other side of my leg which I can't photograph and is spreading lots.

OP posts:
ineedaknittedhat · 03/07/2019 22:19

You need to draw an outline around it with a biro and go to the hospital. That's not a rash and it could indicate a flesh infection particularly if it's spreading.

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