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Selling a car privately- do I let them in to my home?

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Forosu · 03/07/2019 21:08

I’m currently speaking with someone who is interested in buying my car. First time I will be selling my car privately. Just wondering if we are both happy with offer, to do paperwork etc do I let them in to my home? I mean we can’t exactly do everything outside can we. How does everyone do it? Do we just trust these people. I think I’ve become paranoid after hearing a story of how someone came to view a car and then stole it shortly afterwards.

OP posts:
newmomof1 · 03/07/2019 21:12

When we last sold a car we did do it all outside, and the time before we did the paperwork in the kitchen (hallway leads straight to the kitchen).

I think you get a vibe as to whether you feel comfortable inviting someone into your home and, if you don't feel comfortable, please don't feel obligated to let them in.

Ontheboardwalk · 03/07/2019 21:17

Honestly I’ve heard so many horror stories from friends selling privately, especially where they’ve known your address and the car has been damaged overnight before they come to view it.

I would go to a dealer or even we buy any car first

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