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Quitting smoking and vaping. What kit do I need?

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Sallycinnamum · 03/07/2019 15:00

I am a relatively light smoker having one a day and a few more when I'm out socialising.

My DH hates me smoking and now I'm hurtling towards 50 it really is time I packed it in once and for all.

I think vaping might help me kick the habit once and for all bit I'm clueless as to how to start, what to buy etc.


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Newmumma83 · 03/07/2019 15:04

Just go to your local vape shop... the ones I have been too have an area where you can try the different flavours so you know what you want ... i used menthol / cherry menthol as I didn’t want tobacco flavours that made me miss the cigarettes

Also you can try different strengths of nicotine to see what you need to help
Ease the cravings

I brought just a big standard vape / they can explain about changing coils and demonstrate ...

And off you go!

I am smoke free 5 years and vape free 4 years now ... I used to smoke 20 every day.

Vaping was easy to quit ... good luck x

CatFaceCats · 03/07/2019 15:46

Look for a Uwell Caliburn - it’s a super easy to use pod system and should be just what you need. It doesn’t produce huge clouds and is a MTL (mouth to lung) so is more like smoking :)

CitadelsofScience · 03/07/2019 16:12

Just go to a local vape shop, ours is brilliant. They'll ask you questions and let you test a vape usually so you find the right one for you. Don't just randomly buy one online, there's no substitute for proper advice.

MsRinky · 03/07/2019 17:02

If you only smoke one a day and socially, it will be the habit of smoking you will miss, not the nicotine. I would think vaping would hider rather than help.

I pretend I am an ex-smoker, but in reality I smoke about six times a year on specific social occasions with specific people. I happily go months without smoking apart from this, so it isn't a nicotine addiction, it is a pattern of behaviour that in some situations I'm unable or unwilling to break.

Sallycinnamum · 03/07/2019 17:58

I do take your point but I'm worried it's going to creep up to more than a few a day. At the moment it's under control but even 10 cigs a week isn't great.

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MsRinky · 03/07/2019 18:04

Fair enough, but I know several people who only occasionally smoked and now have really heavy vaping habits - they kidded themselves it was loads better than smoking and are now proper addicts.

Thecrown3 · 03/07/2019 18:10

Go to MN health topic and look up sub topic of stop smoking - lots of vapers there who can help and discuss stopping smoking Grin

Smellbowpenisbeaker · 03/07/2019 18:11

Some people do vape a lot more in a bid to get the same feeling - but it’s not, not really. I do agree that unlocking the psychology and stopping cold turkey is easiest, having tried most things.

catburglar · 03/07/2019 18:11

Vaping is way less addictive than smoking. A lot of the tobacco additives are there to keep you addicted. I had a serious smoking habit, switched to vaping and had reduced my nicotine levels to zero in a year. But I kept vaping for another year because it was pleasant and pretty much harmless (I used high quality eliquid with very few ingredients, not Chinese crap).
Anyway, I gave up the vaping several years ago don't miss it anymore.
I second those who are saying go to a local vape store and ask for advice. Expect to pay around £60 for s good quality setup

PajamasnoDramas · 03/07/2019 18:29

Another one saying go to a local vape shop! All the ones I’ve been to have been staffed by young, friendly and helpful people who all vape and happy to let you try things.

Sallycinnamum · 03/07/2019 18:56

Thanks for your advice. I'll pop in this weekend and get a beginners kit.

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