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One dried out flaky elbow 🤔 miracle creams needed.

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Okyah · 03/07/2019 11:37

One is normal and one is flaky and dry no matter what I’ve tried moisturising it with - so far: flexitol heel balm, various oils, 1% hydrocortisone cream, child’s farm moisturiser. It doesn’t itch and it isn’t sore but in summer it looks a bit manky with short sleeves. Ignore the little lumps which are hard nodules due to a collagen disorder. A visit to GP isn’t warranted and I’ve tried what the chemist has suggested. Does anyone have a miracle de-flaking cream that might sort it. Thanks.

One dried out flaky elbow 🤔 miracle creams needed.
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Youngandfree · 03/07/2019 16:20

Have you had a baby in the last year by any chance? Are are you going through a stressful time?? I got it after I had my dd and it always gets worse when I am stressed! Like you I have tried LOTS! The only time it practically disappeared was on a sun holiday for two weeks last year!! 😂 but there are some suggestions on here I am off to try too!!

Okyah · 03/07/2019 19:37

youngandfree My baby is 33 😊. But Ive been on antibiotics for the last 8 months for a chronic UTI so maybe it’s the tablets or the infection, or both. I’m not overly stressed but am run down due to the infection. Shame that sunshine clears yours what with living in the UK 😩.

I’ve tried the oil and sugar and put loads of flexitol heel balm on and it looks and feels improved. Will keep on with that and see if the simplest measure does the trick. Thank you all so much for suggestions and advise.

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PoptartPoptart · 03/07/2019 19:57

Vicks. Honestly, it really works. It stinks, but it works! DH had exactly the same on his elbow recently and he read somewhere about using vicks so he gave it a try. His elbow was as smooth as a baby’s bum in 3 days.

Outsomnia · 03/07/2019 20:04


Hadn't heard about Vicks for elbows!

But Vicks is great when put on the soles of your feet at night if you have a bad cough too. It really works, don't know how, but it does. Obviously need shoe liners or something also in the bed!

Great stuff. I always have two jars indoors.

Okyah · 03/07/2019 21:34

Vicks🤪. Good grief. Well I’ve no shortage of good things to throw at this elbow that’s for sure.

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LettuceBeFree · 03/07/2019 21:39

Egyptian Magic cream (sold in boots) - bit pricey but lasts ages, made of natural ingredients and does work :)

Wheresmrlion · 03/07/2019 22:16

I get this on just one knee Confused

I found something amazing called skin repair balm from potash farm, a cobnut farm in Kent. It’s made with their cobnut oil and you can buy it online. I just slather a bit on at bedtime and in a week or so it’s gone. Pretty sure the tin is going to last me forever.

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