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Marriage blessing present

4 replies

Serenrose · 02/07/2019 21:27

I'm going to a hen do and been asked to bring a marriage blessing present along (if I wish). I would like to as the hen is a good friend of mine but I'm a bit stuck on what might be suitable. I don't really know any of the other hens to ask for ideas. The only advice from the organiser is that it needs to be suitable to be carried around all day. Does anyone have any nice ideas? I have bought a wedding gift so I'm thinking of around £10 - £20 budget.

OP posts:
BackforGood · 02/07/2019 23:44

What new horror is this ? Hmm

I think I would use the "If you wish" get out, and if anyone asks, or says anything, just say that you had already bought them a present for their wedding.

sacope · 02/07/2019 23:52

I would tell the organiser they are being ridiculous and a hen party is a night out not a gift collection.

Soola · 03/07/2019 00:05

Marriage blessing present?

What a load of beau-locks.

Contraceptionismyfriend · 03/07/2019 00:24

Penis straw.
That's the only gift I'd be bringing on a hen do.

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