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Need help. Ideas to distract my mind from overthinking..

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Justbloodystopit · 02/07/2019 16:35

Specifically, overthinking about a person.

I've name changed for this as I've got myself into a sticky situation at work. Can't put this in relationships as I'll get slated and I'm feeling very vulnerable already, just a bloody mess I need to get out of.

Long term close friend and colleague, he has feelings for me, turns out for many, many years. I knew, but avoided, tried to ignore. Its all come to a head, nothing physical but talk... nothing has ever happened. I do have feelings for him, but am trying not to. I've honestly never had feelings so strong about a person. It's almost completely physical. I'm married.
We've agreed to cut contact as much as possible, avoid each other at work, bit tricky but OK. Both have agreed nothing will ever happen and we won't talk about it again.
Can't stop thinking though.
Need to stop feeling wretched about it all and need to stop my mind going into overdrive...
So far I've been keeping busy at work, making things in my spare time, going running, doing an exercise challenge every day, these are sort of helping.
Need other ideas though! Just to distract my brain. I have very little free time but doing menial tasks, cleaning, cooking, driving etc, all mean my mind wanders where it shouldn't. I just want to stop feeling like this.

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