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Child not passing urine

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PottyTrainingKerfuffle · 01/07/2019 21:54

Started to Potty train at the weekend, 2 days went well with some pee's on the potty and a lot in the pants to be expected.
However today in 12 hours there was only the tiniest little pee that whole time not even enough to cover the base of the potty despite drinking absolute loads.
Was asking to go and saying they needed to go constantly but sitting on potty and not doing anything at all for absolute ages sometimes up to an hour but wanting to sit on the potty because they 'need to do something' but nothing happening
Was always changing a lot of wet nappies in a day always wetting loads
is this normal ? what would you do ? worrying about possible infection ?

Child is over 3 btw

OP posts:
KitKatCHA · 01/07/2019 22:06

UTI definitely a possibility, do they have a temperature?

moreismore · 01/07/2019 22:08

Could you get them to wee in shower or bath? If it’s UTI it will hurt less in bath especially.

GoodBoyGhost · 01/07/2019 22:13

If little to no urine has passed in 12 hours I'd personally go to A&E or at least call 111. Your poor LO! Sounds so uncomfortable ☹️

nocoolnamesleft · 01/07/2019 22:39

Try putting a nappy on and seeing if they suddenly can wee?

ScreamingLadySutch · 01/07/2019 22:48

Honestly, just put the nappy back on.

Potty training is covered in psychotherapy precisely because it becomes a 'who is in control of my body' issue.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

PottyTrainingKerfuffle · 01/07/2019 22:59

No fever, put a pull up on at bedtime and so far as far as I know it's dry. Anytime she has done anything in the pull up at night she has called to have it changed straight away and so far no call but that's not to say she won't fill it in the morning.
I will see how she is in the morning if I can get a sample at all firstly and if she's not weeing again then I'll contact the GP.
Im not sure if it's like a kind of stage fright reaction to just getting used to the potty and a bit of reluctance that's what I feel it is but on the other hand I'm just not sure she could possibly have held onto the wee for so long in that scenario and not just eventually wet herself

OP posts:
hormonesorDHbeingadick · 01/07/2019 23:00

12 hours of no wee and I would be going straight to A and E.

CaledonianSleeper · 01/07/2019 23:06

Is there any way she could have done it somewhere without you realising eg in the paddling pool, in the garden, behind a door...?? My daughter was dry overnight the first day of potty training (never managed it again since!) , but I think in the daytime is a different issue and if she has definitely not gone in all that time I’d be concerned.

PottyTrainingKerfuffle · 01/07/2019 23:15

There was a wee at 2.30pm but it was just very small, normally if this was the case I would be more worried I think but it seems random that it's happened in time with the potty training and with no other symptoms it leads me to think that it's more to do with that than anything actually being wrong but now I'm second guessing myself as well and I am worrying a little.
No chance of her doing it anywhere else I've been with her all day and she had pants and pyjamas on all day indoors and we didn't need any change and she was sitting on the potty a lot of the time.
Just tried to check if there's anything in the pull up without disturbing her it doesn't feel like it and I don't think the new Pampers nappy pants have a wetness indicator !?

OP posts:
Nordicwannabe · 02/07/2019 05:34

If there's no wee this morning call 111 without delay. Doctors always seem to get quite concerned about lack of urination .

It could be psychological, but timing could also be a coincidence. Not worth taking the risk.

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