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What do I do?

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Hg89 · 01/07/2019 19:03

My soon to be ex husband and I have been separated a year. We’re divorcing after his erratic behaviour, he became a monster to me. He would threaten to have me and our 3 yr old son thrown out the marital home. Hated me etc... recently he been ultra nice. He’s now signing the house over to me solely, offered to pay for me and DS to go on holiday asked if he could come I said no. Last night opened up to me and said he regrets everything he did, he had a break down and spiralled out of control. He wishes he didn’t take everything out on me, is miserable, is truely sorry for everything. Asked me to call him later tonight so he can explain why he treated me so badly etc. Is this just to clear his conscience for his own ego or genuine. I’ve heard rumours from mutual friends he wants me to take him back. But they don’t say it out loud. More like laugh when asked they don’t want to say yes. I’m going to call him later see what he says. Thoughts anyone?

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Illstartexercisingtomorrow · 01/07/2019 19:05

Sorry no advice other than perhaps move this to relationships - there’s a lot of people with good advice there.

Good luck.

Hmmmbop · 01/07/2019 19:13

Don't do it. Don't fall for his charm. Remember the reasons you are separated, wish him well, accept his apology but don't take him back.

Drum2018 · 01/07/2019 19:15

I agree. Don't do it. He has treated you appallingly. You can't trust that he wouldn't do it again. Continue with the divorce and keep communication about your Ds.

CakeNinja · 01/07/2019 19:18

Did you have a thread about this holiday he offered recently? I’ve read something very similar and my advice would be the same.
He’s shown his hand now, you know this side of his character. He sounds like a bully and he will try and call the shots again in the future.
Stay firm.

Justathinslice · 01/07/2019 19:20

I'd be very curious though.....

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