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gingajewel · 01/07/2019 13:56

Three weeks ago I went to the doctors and found out I had shingles on my head. I have taken anti virals and Amitriptyline but for the last few days have been feeling terrible again, the burning pain in my head has returned and I feel generally rubbish. I’ve never had them before, is this normal or does it warrant another trip to the doctors, can they actually give me anything else for it?

OP posts:
Rosebud21 · 01/07/2019 18:25

It's a complication called post-herpetic neuralgia, it's normal, not everyone gets this pain, & it can be nasty. It can take a few weeks for amitriptyline to have an effect. If you can take codeine try over the counter solpadeine max, 2 four times a day, & laxative if you need it. If still not comfortable your GP may be able to increase your dose, or change you to alternative medication.

Rosebud21 · 01/07/2019 18:27

Just reread you've been taking amitriptyline for three weeks already, contact your GP again

gingajewel · 01/07/2019 19:43

@Rosebud21 Thankyou so much for your reply, I can’t believe how poorly this has made me feel and thought it would be gone by now! Thankyou

OP posts:
hugoagogo · 01/07/2019 19:47

I think it can be pretty serious. Please do go back to the gp.

Rosebud21 · 01/07/2019 22:37

@gingajewel, not to scare you, but if you're experiencing symptoms of encephalitis then go to your local emergency department or call 999 for an ambulance, otherwise see your GP, take care

gingajewel · 02/07/2019 17:43

@Rosebud21 thanks so much for the info, I have never heard of any of these shingles related illnesses!! I’m thankfully not experiencing any symptoms other than the pain in my head where the shingles were/are (am not sure if I still have them as they are on the back of my head) I have burning pain and pins and needles again, when I called the doctors and finally got through today they had no emergency appointments left and normal appointment is about a three week wait! I hate these situations as I never know what to do for the best, try for doctors again tomorrow or go to urgent care (which seems pointless as it’s really my gp I need to see!)

OP posts:
Rosebud21 · 02/07/2019 21:10

if you can be at your GP surgery 15 minutes before they open tomorrow you will usually get a same day appointment, and may not even have to leave and return later

moreismore · 02/07/2019 21:12

I don’t think it’s an emergency but it’s crap. See if pharmacy can help-you can get a local anaesthetic spray which may help short term. Or capsaicin cream over the counter too.

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