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Seeking grey Lidl bunny soft toy

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ThanksForAllTheFish · 30/06/2019 23:35

Looking for a small grey bunny toy - it’s was sold in Lidl around Easter 2014 /2015. My niece has lost hers and it looks like we won’t be getting him back as we have searched everywhere, asked in all the shops and posted on just about every local page we can think of. I have added a photo of the bunny - the original photo as hers is a bit worn. Happy to buy replacement bunny if anyone has some lying around. Doesn’t have to look new - we would need to try to wear him in a bit anyway!

Brand on the tag is playtive.

Seeking grey Lidl bunny soft toy
OP posts:
Smellbowpenisbeaker · 30/06/2019 23:52

Is this it in brown?

Smellbowpenisbeaker · 30/06/2019 23:55

Is this him? Bruce the Bunny?

ThanksForAllTheFish · 01/07/2019 09:39

Yes that’s him. I’ve had no luck finding any for sale.

OP posts:
ThanksForAllTheFish · 01/07/2019 09:42

Actually looking again that’s not him. His nose is the wrong colour. Hers had a pink nose that was stitched rather than a black plastic nose.

OP posts:
Smellbowpenisbeaker · 01/07/2019 14:55

Jesus that’s massive. Sorry.

ThanksForAllTheFish · 01/07/2019 15:05

I did see that one but it’s not the right bunny. She’s 5 and would be able to tell the difference. I’ve put up a photo of the actual bunny that has been lost. It’s a well worn version of the first photo I linked.

Seeking grey Lidl bunny soft toy
OP posts:
TheFrenchLieutenantsMonkey · 01/07/2019 17:49
Smellbowpenisbeaker · 01/07/2019 19:46

That one looks really similar!

Smellbowpenisbeaker · 01/07/2019 19:47

The label is playtive - definitely the same bunny.

FredaFrogspawn · 01/07/2019 19:51

What a serendipitous coincident- I do hope it’s her bunny.

ThanksForAllTheFish · 01/07/2019 20:26

It is the same bunny but unfortunately not hers. She lost bunny after this article and in a different area. Very strange coincidence that an identical bunny has been found about 20 miles away from where we are! We are in Glasgow.

You are correct though that is the exact same bunny we are searching for. I hope whoever has lost that bunny is reunited with it. We will continue our search.

Thank you very much for linking that article- I love how Mumsnet has the best people who can find things like this.

OP posts:
Blubluboo · 01/07/2019 20:41

Wow what a weird coincidence!!

TheFrenchLieutenantsMonkey · 01/07/2019 21:20

Aw shucks. Thought I was onto a winner there. Fingers crossed you find one. Bear

ThanksForAllTheFish · 01/07/2019 22:51

He has been found! Lady contacted my cousin tonight to say she found him and has been looking on Facebook for posts to find his owner. We are all over the moon. My niece is the happiest little girl in the world at the moment. They should be reunited first thing tomorrow morning. Big thanks to everyone for all the help.

OP posts:
Tryingtogetitright · 01/07/2019 22:55

Awww that's wonderful news!

Smellbowpenisbeaker · 01/07/2019 23:11

This should go in classics. I’m so happy.

Rosemary46 · 01/07/2019 23:13

What a lovely ending !

RightOnTheEdge · 01/07/2019 23:14

Aw that is so lovely! I'm so glad there was a happy ending Smile

TheFrenchLieutenantsMonkey · 01/07/2019 23:24


Chickywik · 26/07/2019 20:41

Oh I just found this thread and am delighted and although we haven't lost this bunny, my little man has it well worn already and we only bought it this year. Our date of manufacture is January 2019...So if anyone knows of where I can purchase a spare..or 2, I'd really appreciate if you could post it here...thank you all.. I've contacted LIDL directly an they haven't been very helpful unfortunately...😕

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