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Hate the Killers

96 replies

Feenie · 29/06/2019 23:00

Sitting at the in-laws hating this. Can’t believe I have to sit through another 45 mins. Just shit. Is it just me?!

OP posts:
TigerDroveAgain · 29/06/2019 23:01

Yeah, it’s just you

Abillity2019 · 29/06/2019 23:02

Yep definitely just you.

EskewedBeef · 29/06/2019 23:02

What, even the drummer?

Sparklingbrook · 29/06/2019 23:04

It's going on a bit.

HollyBen · 29/06/2019 23:04

DH ust commented on how remarkable it is that the Killers produced such an amazing first album but everything since has been really poor (not the words he used) yet so many people go mad over them

StoorieHoose · 29/06/2019 23:04

Just you I'm afraid

tomtom1999xx · 29/06/2019 23:04

Decent band.
Some great songs back in their hey day.
And Brandon still hot.

It’s just you Grin

mamaduckbone · 29/06/2019 23:05

Just you.

ViciousTrollop · 29/06/2019 23:05

Not just you.

They are surely the drabbest "rock" band to have ever existed.

Feenie · 29/06/2019 23:06

Hate. Them.

They can’t be a 100% AIbU clocker!

You are not the ladies I thought you were

OP posts:
tomtom1999xx · 29/06/2019 23:06

Agree Holly.
Only good album was hot fuss.

Feenie · 29/06/2019 23:07

Oh thank Christ vicioustrillop Thought I was going mad!

OP posts:
MakeLemonade · 29/06/2019 23:09

Yeah, I don’t get the appeal of The Killers at all, so dull.

I’ve switched over to Chemical Brothers who are ace.

Feenie · 29/06/2019 23:09

Hollie and ltomtom too. Good eggs! Thank you:

OP posts:
Redcrayons · 29/06/2019 23:09

I like them but it does feel like they're padding a bit till Mr BRightside.

Feenie · 29/06/2019 23:11

I wanted to watch the Chemical Brothers.Outvoted 3 to 1. This is so dull.

OP posts:
HollyBen · 29/06/2019 23:12

And now they have run out of decent material so roll out the Pet Shop Boys....

Sparklingbrook · 29/06/2019 23:12

OOh this is more like it! PSB.

ImGenderfree · 29/06/2019 23:12

I think hey are fab and now the Pet Shop Boys are on. Yes

lucysmam · 29/06/2019 23:13

I'm quite enjoying them! Not so sure about 9yo dd2 who decided she had to watch with me though...they appear to be sending her to sleep Grin (it's weeeeell past bed time!)

Brandon Flowers is looking fine too!

OhYouBadBadKitten · 29/06/2019 23:14

Thanks for the prompt about the chemical brothers. Was nodding off with the killers.

SinglePringle · 29/06/2019 23:14

They are shit.

Cannot believe they are headliners.

It’s not you.

Where’s the fucking party at?!

mbb1 · 29/06/2019 23:16

Haven't they already done this song or did I imagine it?

Feenie · 29/06/2019 23:16

Sympathy at last l. Thank fuck!

OP posts:
Jinglejanglefish · 29/06/2019 23:16

I didn't realise until tonight that he can't actually sing

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