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Anyone live in Birmingham? Noise in Moseley!

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Noise123 · 29/06/2019 20:46

Namechanged as extremely outing! I just wondered if anyone knows where the very very loud music is coming from! It sounds like its from very large speakers and that there is a LOT of people there! In the residential road, not the bars in the village!

OP posts:
Soola · 29/06/2019 20:47

Ask on NextDoor

AllotmentOpenDay · 29/06/2019 20:52

When is the Moseley festival? In the "secret" park. Could it be that?

Noise123 · 29/06/2019 20:52

I dont wanna ask anyone, im just being nosy lol.

OP posts:
Noise123 · 29/06/2019 20:53

I did think that, but the music doesnt sound right for the festival tbh!

OP posts:
gingajewel · 29/06/2019 20:54

It’s not the Filipino festival this weekend is it?

Frith2013 · 29/06/2019 20:55

Moseley festival is early September.

Noise123 · 29/06/2019 20:57

It sounds like its coming frm th back of th m&s which is evn more weird. Thanks for everyones replies btw Smile

OP posts:
Quaffy · 29/06/2019 21:04

No idea but just wanted to say hello to my fellow Moseley residents Smile

Noise123 · 29/06/2019 21:05

Hey -waves- Grin

OP posts:
Noise123 · 29/06/2019 21:26

Its stopped! After chants of one more song, and then one more song (!) its stopped! Still hear loooots and looots of people though!

OP posts:
MosesAliKhan · 30/06/2019 21:39

Hi sorry
Yeah that was me
I took the headphones out of my samsung S3

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