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Heartbroken stressed and full of dread

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Dolly415 · 29/06/2019 15:26

Me and my partner have never had a solid relationship. When things dont go his way with his work family friends housing he takes it out on me and blames me. He is emotionally abusive and it was physical before I fell pregnant. One minute he is nice to me the next he is an awful human. When we argue he threatens me and accuses me of potentially not letting him be involved in the babies life even tho I've never said anything of the sort. But I feel he is going to make my life difficult if we split when baby is here. He and his mother are the sort to bad mouth and influence my child and put pressure on me. Hes never been supportive with me. I'm so heartbroken and full of dread and worry regret meeting him and feel trapped. I dont have own family support and not many friends. I'm alone and feel I'm going to be bullied when. My baby girl is born

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Celeriacacaca · 29/06/2019 15:48

OP you need to do something now, not leave it until your baby is born when you'll be very vulnerable and tired to be able to do anything. Can you contact a local refuge for advice?

Dolly415 · 29/06/2019 16:12

I have a support worker who is aware of situation and was first to notice the emotional abuse, and social services been involved and I have contacted them again. Wish he could see how he is being but if i tell him he throws it back and says it's me who is problem and makes me doubt myself. Hes very deluded about who he is and everything is my fault. I've been crying all day my face is swollen and eyes :(

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