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Maggots. So. Many. Maggots.

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Nobhobs · 29/06/2019 09:23

Just went to feed the dog, he has one of those 12kg bags of kibble we mix in with wet food. I put the scoop in and pulled it out and it looked like it had rice in it. I dumped it into the bin and put the scoop back in and again same thing. Then I realised they were moving. And it wasn't rice. The whole bag is riddled with maggots!!!! SadSadSadSad

How? When? Why? DH fed the dog the last few days and is insisting there wasn't any then. I feel so so sick. Obviously the bag is gone. But now I'm convinced my house is crawling with maggots. Where else would they be? I need to fly spray my entire house.

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and had been in full on nesting mode, just yesterday I thought that I'd successfully cleaned the entire house and everything was sterile and germ free and now it feels disgusting and I could cry.

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fiorentina · 29/06/2019 09:30

Probably just some flies got in, laid eggs and this happened.
Can happen quickly with the food waste bin. Throw it away but don’t panic. They are probably contained with the food source.

CORSACORSA · 29/06/2019 09:31

Maggots will be where food is unless you cover it up. Turn your back for a second and a fly will lay eggs there.

Don’t think they’ll be anywhere else but make sure you cover all food.

Nobhobs · 29/06/2019 09:43

Oh I so hope you are both right. My skin feels like it's crawling and I'm convinced my house is infested Blush

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