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Baby shower advice

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thetwoshow · 28/06/2019 23:48

Going to first one what do I bring?
Baby stuff mother stuff?
It's all new to me I'm afraid

OP posts:
Kpo58 · 29/06/2019 00:02

Mumsnetters don't do baby showers, so we probably aren't the best people to ask.

babysharkah · 29/06/2019 00:24

Get a voucher for boots / JL / whatever your most relevant shop is. Job done.

SpaceCadet4000 · 29/06/2019 03:15

If they've not got a registry then you can do vouchers or you can just get something personal- probably more for the baby than the Mum.

newmomof1 · 29/06/2019 04:06

Honestly go to Asda and get a pack of baby bodysuits and a pack of baby grows - that's all you need!

CalmingRoseQuartz · 29/06/2019 05:28

I'm confused, too!
Here in the UK, the whole concept seems to change on a whim.

Have only ever been to one:

Saturday lunchtime/ laid-back couple of hours at their home/ pizzas ordered/ handful of the soon-to-be-Mum's friends & favourite relatives for a final catch-up session, before the exhaustions of a new baby/ definitely a 'no gifts' policy' though some basic, practical presents (plain muslins etc) were given.
Plus donations welcome to the local gestational diabetes charity who'd supported her. Nice touch.

No party games, just flicking through her old baby photos & reminiscing!

(I wanted to treat her a bit too, though, so took a 'gesture present' [her pregnancy craving: homemade cottage pie] to shove in the freezer, for when she needed post-natal emergency comfort food Smile ).

But from what others have told me, the major production, themed party & gift registry etc. seems to be increasingly the norm.
Each to their own...sounds a lot of work.

Will it be their 1st child?
American friend who hates baby showers even more than any cynical Brit I know informs me the term for a 2nd, 3rd etc. child is...wait for it...a "BABY SPRINKLE".
Good bloody grief Confused

sar302 · 29/06/2019 06:54

Gift for the baby, gift for the mum. Last one I went to I took a lovely baby blanket and some Kiehls handcream.

AwakeNow · 29/06/2019 06:54

Anything for the baby. Baby dish set, brush & comb, toy, outfits any size from newborn to 18 months, bibs, something knitted? Baby blanket, memory book.

iseveryusernametakenorwhat · 29/06/2019 07:04

We have baby showers in Oz all the time. I spend about $100 in a baby store or a gift card. Just buying things like muslins, bath toys, clothes

mylittlenugget · 29/06/2019 11:21

I'd get something for baby for the shower and then once baby is here something for mum?
Muslins are a good idea, or a bath set - Johnson's have some good ones, the one I have has bath stuff and a mat in a carry case, I'll try to find a link.
Then for mum I'd get a little hamper of snacky foods, a couple magazines or a book or dvd, and some face and foot masks.

mylittlenugget · 29/06/2019 11:23

Johnson's Baby Sensitive Touch New Born Starter Pack

meditrina · 29/06/2019 11:28

MNetters do do baby showers, but with strong advice to do them in the traditional way, not the newer grabby forms.

Yes you must take a gift - the whole purpose s to 'shower with gifts' but shower-type gifts are small and inexpensive. They shouid be something a person has had no need for before they became a mother, so it is traditionally something for the baby.

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