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Anyone there?

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shemakesmewaitonabedofnails · 28/06/2019 21:07

Hey all. Just wondering if there's anyone? I feeling lonely and had a shitty day.

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IGottaSeeJane · 28/06/2019 21:44

Hi. Just wanted to show that someone was here.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 28/06/2019 21:49

Maybe getting it all out in word might help? Be as vague or as specific as you like. Just writing it out can be cathartic.
And you'll get everyone else's shitty day too.........

Chloe9 · 28/06/2019 21:49

Yeah, I'm here, hi.

Been feeling invisible lately, though.

glitterbiscuits · 28/06/2019 21:53

Me too. Fancy a chat? I have a quiet evening.

glitterbiscuits · 28/06/2019 21:54

Are you a U2 fan OP? Going on your name.

shemakesmewaitonabedofnails · 28/06/2019 22:15

Thank you all

OP posts:
shemakesmewaitonabedofnails · 28/06/2019 22:21

Yes U2 fan 👍

Just so fed up with life. Divorced single mum. Work 40+ hours a week. (I work 4 days but significant overtime is the done thing). Was on promotion track before I got pregnant, now it's years away (son is 3).

Had a shitty email from a boss today.

Boyfriend is miles away, and he's super serious, but I'm not sure he's right for me. More right than my husband but is that enough? And I'm somehow falling for my (married/separated) boss. (Not the same one). Makes me worry - or are they not really real feelings. (He's been really helpful with work/ career - I almost see him as an uncle type figure - we are close).

Just so much going on, and I'm desperate for another baby for me and a sibling for my son. I am worried about sleep walking into the future and not having any of the above because I didn't make a decision. But then I feel so overwhelmed to even process those emotions.

And I can't share it IRL because I know the boss thing is wrong, but I don't know how to stop it.

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