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Understanding Fibroids in First Trimester

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Jessywessy · 28/06/2019 20:39

Hi. I am 10 weeks pregnant and have fibroid near my cervix (only 4cm though). I am pain all of the time at the moment. I’ve had a couple of light bleeds and have spotting (small amounts of brown blood) most of the time. Because of a previous miscarriage and bleeding I’ve been scanned twice and each time was everything was progressing as should be with a heartbeat. But my midwife has shrugged of fibroids as nothing and just says pregnant women get pain. Sees no link. I consider my pain to be very similar to period pain, which panics me all the time as I think I’m going to miscarry again.

I’m considered a geriatric first time mum at 39, by my midwife and I struggle to know what ‘normal’ my midwife is disinterested and states my bleeding is threatened miscarriage, but I’m not sure.. So, for those people that have had fibroids I just wondered, did you spot/bleed much? Did you have pain and if you did what was it similar to period pain?

OP posts:
whitehalleve · 28/06/2019 20:48

I didn't have any pain. No one was worried about them. I just had a scan later in pregnancy to check the size and location again. They're v common.

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