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I’ve got no friends

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Jemimaaa · 28/06/2019 18:02

I had a close group of friends at school and a couple of close friends at uni but after uni I moved to a different city with my boyfriend - been here for 5 years now and I do feel settled, but I don’t really have any friends and it’s getting me down. Walking home today in such nice weather and everyone’s out in beer gardens etc and I just feel like a right saddo going home alone! There are a few girls I get on with who I met on Bumble BFF who I occasionally meet up to have brunch with or go to yoga with, but it’s not like having a friend whose house I can just pop over to unannounced. My team at work are all quite a bit older than me, 40s/50s, I’m 26. Anyone else in this boat? I know I probably need to just ‘put myself out there’ but how?

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MollyHuaCha · 28/06/2019 18:20

Where do you live? Maybe we can link you up with some MNers?

TomKittensMumisaFruitloop · 28/06/2019 18:22

Would you consider the WI? Many groups have members from 20-70+ and they can be a lot of fun if you find the right group for you. Ours has sub-groups - book group, supper club etc. It’s a good way to meet people.

Jemimaaa · 28/06/2019 18:29

@tomkittensmumisafruitloop WI is a really good idea! I went to one and really enjoyed it, ill look at going back. @MollyHuaCha I’m in Manchester ☺️

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shazchip · 28/06/2019 18:42

There was a thread along similar lines the other day :

Some good advice there.

Also just seen that you're based in Manchester too, there's loads going on there, including a fab social Couchsurfing scene. In fact there is a fortnightly meet tonight, people of all ages hang out and many people don't know anyone else so you won't feel out of place. Go to the Couchsurfing website and search on events, you'll find details.

Tish008 · 28/06/2019 18:43

I'm in the same position as you, I'm also in Manchester (North).
I'm naturally introverted and work from home, it's so hard to meet new people.

I really need to go to local groups to try and meet new people. Maybe find some which fit your interests.

ElizabethBennetismybestfriend · 28/06/2019 18:45

I also work from home but am further north than Manchester

Tish008 · 28/06/2019 18:49

@elizabeth maybe there needs to be a work from home unites group!

TomKittensMumisaFruitloop · 28/06/2019 18:53

I bet you’ll be able to find some cool WI groups in Manchester 👍🏻

screamuntilthewarisover · 28/06/2019 18:57

I’m Manchester!

Lots of my friends have made friends through meet up groups

RuthW · 28/06/2019 19:37

Join a local WI. Not necessarily your nearest but one that is suitable for you. They are all different. Try a few and find one that has similar ages or interests to you.

Underworld345 · 28/06/2019 21:03

No advice but I also have no close friends. There is one girl who I meet up with occasionally but it’s not a relaxed friendship (on my part). I struggle to open up to people and people and be myself. It’s hard and sometimes lonely. PM me if you want to chat. I’m from north east.

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