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iPad case

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DarlingNikita · 27/06/2019 19:15

Posting here for traffic –it's a bit boring, sorry.

I'm looking for a case/stand for an iPad Air 2 that I can stand the iPad up portrait orientation in, not just landscape. The ones on Amazon aren't exactly forthcoming with this info and frankly I'm losing the will to live trawling through them. Can anyone help?!

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EstherMumsnet · 28/06/2019 20:52

Bumping for you OP Grin. Someone, please help her...

DarlingNikita · 29/06/2019 14:26

Thanks, MNHQ! It WAS a very boring question, though, so I don't blame anyone Grin

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moreismore · 29/06/2019 14:32

Not a case but Ikea have stands that would work portrait: not sure if that would be a suitable alternative?

Floralnomad · 29/06/2019 14:35

The ones that swivel stand portrait and landscape .

RustyBear · 29/06/2019 14:49

DS has this one for his Air 2, which he finds very good. It's a bit heavy for my taste , so if I want to stand my iPad portrait orientation, I use my techbed cushion

iPad case
DarlingNikita · 29/06/2019 14:59

Oh, thanks everyone!

moreismore, I think I'd prefer something that doubles as a case, but I'll look at those stands.

Floralnomad and Rusty, yes, I looked at the swivel ones but I did think they looked a bit bulky/heavy, so it's interesting that you think so too.

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