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Tattoo behind the ear

7 replies

unicornsrule · 27/06/2019 16:26

How painful is it ?!

OP posts:
RezCowgirl · 27/06/2019 16:29

Not very, the one on my arse cheek hurt more

InMyBloodstainedSundaysBest · 27/06/2019 16:32

Agreed. Mine actually made me feel sleepy.

OffYouPopDoll · 27/06/2019 16:35

Not painful. Just a weird sensation very weird, oh and noisy.

IhaveALooBrush · 27/06/2019 17:02

Bit stingy, had to go into the 'inking zone in my head' for a while but it wasn't too bad.

It bled a lot though.

unicornsrule · 27/06/2019 17:09

I have already had 10 small tattoos
Have a back one
Wrist ones

OP posts:
unicornsrule · 27/06/2019 17:11

Trying to decide where to have other ones
Getting 3 more small ones getting these two

Tattoo behind the ear
Tattoo behind the ear
OP posts:
OffYouPopDoll · 27/06/2019 17:13

Same as @IhaveALooBrush mine bled quite a bit, but not for long

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